Crazy for Crocs

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I have to admit, I didn’t used to get the Croc craze. They were kind of weird looking to me, and I was always surprised at how it seemed like EVERY kid at the mall or park were sporting a pair. Then, my daughter started toddling around and I realized how much time it took to take her tennies off and on when she just wanted to run outside for a minute. I thought, maybe these parents are onto something, and I bit the bullet and bought her a pair.  We opted for a light pink pair, and after the first day, we both were HOOKED.  They are easy for them to get on and off, they are waterproof (great for summer) and easy to clean.  I love the Croc Kiosk at the Irvine Spectrum (by Nordstrom’s and Anthropologie) under the big ferris wheel.  Great selection to pick up some “flare” AKA. Jibbetz! 71 Fortune Dr. Irvine 92618 – 949.450.9218

Crocs is sponsoring an awesome program called Soles United , which takes used pairs of donated Crocs and recycles them for distribution to people in need around the globe.  Check out the website for participating locations for drop off or instructions on how to mail them. The Irvine Spectrum has a collection bag. What a beautiful way to spread the love, one croc at a time! 


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    Susan says:

    Yeah, this is really a great program.I’m always intrigued when companies can come up with a great charity idea that fits with their product.

    (Beautiful blog layout, BTW!)

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    IMAHOUSE says:

    Amen. I can’t get my almost 2 year old to wear anything else. Can’t blame her, they’re the most low maintenance item in her wardrobe, and if anything looked that cute on me, I’d never take them off. Ever.

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