Ahhh….Spa Week!

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You know when things seem too good to be true?  Well,  I just booked myself a 50-minute massage with two fellow mommy girlfriends at the Pure Blu Spa in the Newport Beach Marriott for…are you ready….$50.00!  It’s for real!   Spa Week is coming to us on the West Coast September 15th – 21st, where participating spas are offering a select number of $50 treatments.    Girlfriends, you deserve it.  This job, mommyhood that is, well, it’s HARD. It is non-stop, 24/7.  Not that I need to tell you that, but sometimes we need a reminder to not feel guilty for doing things every once in awhile just for us!  So, check out the website, register, find a spa near you and make that appointment!    My girlfriend just went to the Pure Blu Spa and said it was one of her absolute favorites in all of OC (and she is a bit of a spa snob, so it says a lot!)  It includes a private saltwater pool with cabanas and even  “fancy sunscreen for you to borrow!”   I can’t wait to take a stack of unread People magazines and plop myself on a pool chair and just BE.  For a few hours at least!  I will give you the full scoop on the spa after my glorious visit in 3 short weeks.  I will be counting down the days.

T.G.I.F Mamas!!!!  We will see you  back on Monday for the winners of our first giveaway from Wee Gallery!    And, stay tuned, we have another SUPER fabulous giveaway (valued at $170!) coming on TUESDAY!!   Have a  fabulous Labor Day Weekend everyone!  

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Love the Paloozas!

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I was at my girlfriend’s house today and she had these awesome storage bins in their playroom that looked really cute. She is a mother of 3…and said these have been the answer to her organizational toy challenge!  The bottom ones are wide enough for big boy toys like firetrucks, and they store a ton of stuff because they are so deep.  They are made by Land of Nod and come in single bins too.   

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Parmesan Chicken

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I will admit it.  I am not a cook.   However, even the cooking-challenged (that would be me) can make this recipe.   Substitute whole wheat pasta and breadcrumbs for an even healthier meal.

  • 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • ½ teaspoon pepper
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 1/4 cup seasoned dry bread crumbs
  • 1/2 cup parmesan, plus extra for serving
  • Unsalted butter
  • Good olive oil

1. Pound the breasts until they are ¼ inch thick (put them between wax paper and use a meat mallet or rolling pin) – or the easiest way is to buy the thin cut breasts
2. Combine flour, salt and pepper and put on a dinner plate (1st dish)
3. Beat the eggs and 1 tablespoon water in a bowl (2nd dish)
4. Combine the bread crumbs and parmesan cheese in a bowl and put on a plate (3rd dish)
5. Coat the breasts on both sides with the flour mixture, then dip both sides in the egg mixture, and then dredge both sides in the bread crumb mixture
6. Heat 1 tablespoon oil and 1 tablespoon butter in large sauté pan
7. Cook 2 or 3 breasts at a time on med-low heat for 2 to 3 minutes each side, until cooked through
8. Add more butter and oil and cook the rest  

Serve over noodles and pasta sauce, sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Also great with couscous and broccoli or just a simple green salad if you are eating light.

Also, quick Tiny Tip:   To print this recipe (or any Tiny Oranges posts) click on the title above the image.  In this case “Parmesan Chicken,” then you have an option to “View Printer Friendly Version.”  Open that version and print.    And, if you want to send this article to a friend, “Email Article to a Friend” is right below it!       

Buon appetito!

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Centennial Farm

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I love free outing ideas when you are looking to get out, but don’t want to spend money.   Upon a recent (and miserably hot) trip to the OC Swap meet, we ventured into the Centennial Farm to look at the animals adjacent to the entrance.   For some reason, I thought the animals were only on display during the OC Fair, but upon asking an older,  surly volunteer if they were open all the time, he asked, “How LONG have you lived here??”  I guess I was supposed to know the answer!

Centennial Farm is a 4-acre working farm at the OC Fair & Event Center.  The Farm is home to fruit and vegetable gardens, livestock, and Millennium Barn. Kids and adults can view pigs, peacocks, cows, honey bees and more while strolling though gardens of lush vegetation. Open most afternoons and on the weekends.  Check the website for hours.  Parking and admission is free!  

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Wee wee wee all the way to …

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Wee Gallery! I love this company and their products…be prepared to fall in love yourself! Wee Gallery was founded by a couple after reading up on infant development after the birth of their son. Captivated by the fact that newborns view the world initially in black and white, 12 – 15 inches from their parent’s faces, they expanded on this to create a hip black and white gallery to delight and entertain newborns.

I love getting the Art Cards as gifts for newborn babies. I remember the early days when I was searching for things to entertain her during those endless hours spent hanging out on the living room floor!   The bold black and white images and their repeating patterns are made to captivate and play to the baby’s visual strengths. I also love the accompanying photo mobile, where you can clip the cards on.  Such a fun, modern twist to the traditional mobile.

Another favorite is the Wee Gallery Wall Graphics. Each collection features a different terrain for easy decorating. The oversized, self-adhesive, removable decals can be repositioned with no damage to walls – just peel and stick to create custom wallscapes. Something fun I recently discovered, these decals are not just for nurseries! You can use them for play rooms or other rooms too! One day I looked at the bare wall above her toy storage ottomans in our family room, and thought it could use a little wee punch! We chose the Sea decals, and Emma and I had a ball creating our own “under the sea” scene right in our own family room. It looks so cute and we had so much fun doing it together. Best part is that it is TOTALLY removable so one day when we want to relocate our little sea friends, it is quick and easy.

Hooray! It’s a Tiny Giveaway! Wee Gallery is giving away 5 (yes! 5!) of the Farmyard Wrapped Canvas Sets to 5 lucky Tiny Oranges readers (valued at $60/each.) The wrapped canvases are a colorful, engaging addition to any child’s room. Each 9×12″ piece is printed with UV-resistant inks on high-quality canvas, so they’ll last for years. With no glass, they’re safe for children’s rooms, and the 1.5″ thick wood framing makes each one pop from the wall.

To enter, send an email (one entry per person!) to giveaways@tinyoranges.com with WEE GALLERY in the subject line.  In the email, include your name, mailing address, and the answer to this question: What are the first names of the couple that founded Wee Gallery? Hint: Answer can be found on their website!   You can enter all week, just make sure your entry is in before 5pm PST on Friday, August 29th.    Winners will be chosen at random over the weekend and posted next Monday.   Check back then to see if you have won! 

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