Ahhh….Spa Week!

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You know when things seem too good to be true?  Well,  I just booked myself a 50-minute massage with two fellow mommy girlfriends at the Pure Blu Spa in the Newport Beach Marriott for…are you ready….$50.00!  It’s for real!   Spa Week is coming to us on the West Coast September 15th – 21st, where participating spas are offering a select number of $50 treatments.    Girlfriends, you deserve it.  This job, mommyhood that is, well, it’s HARD. It is non-stop, 24/7.  Not that I need to tell you that, but sometimes we need a reminder to not feel guilty for doing things every once in awhile just for us!  So, check out the website, register, find a spa near you and make that appointment!    My girlfriend just went to the Pure Blu Spa and said it was one of her absolute favorites in all of OC (and she is a bit of a spa snob, so it says a lot!)  It includes a private saltwater pool with cabanas and even  “fancy sunscreen for you to borrow!”   I can’t wait to take a stack of unread People magazines and plop myself on a pool chair and just BE.  For a few hours at least!  I will give you the full scoop on the spa after my glorious visit in 3 short weeks.  I will be counting down the days.

T.G.I.F Mamas!!!!  We will see you  back on Monday for the winners of our first giveaway from Wee Gallery!    And, stay tuned, we have another SUPER fabulous giveaway (valued at $170!) coming on TUESDAY!!   Have a  fabulous Labor Day Weekend everyone!  


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  1. 1
    Skate says:

    Great deal! I’m all signed up and can hardly wait!

  2. 2
    Sheila says:

    Thank you so much for the info! I called and made an appt today. With a new baby this is going to be wonderful!

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