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So I am starting a fun little DIY project in baby’s nursery.  I found these letters to spell baby’s name to hang on the wall at a baby store recently.  They were custom, the letters backed on a square of fabric and hung with a ribbon.  Very, very cute.  Problem was, they were like $31 each, plus tax and shipping.  We have chosen a 6-letter name.  Eek!  The husband thought that was a bit excessive, so I had to get creative.

I thought, hmmmm, how about I buy the plain white letters that are $5 / each (and they were 20% this past weekend – even better!) and make something myself? The plan is to mount the fabric on square pieces of wood and they have have hubby find a way to attach the letters and hang with a cute ribbon. So, I got the letters and then I went on the search for fabric.      

It is surprising how hard it is to find REALLY cute fabric out there!  I went to several major fabric stores and couldn’t find anything I loved.  

I was very excited when I found the most darling fabrics on Pixie Dust Decor!  They match my bedding perfectly.   If I didn’t have the bedding already, I would have totally looked at their crib bedding sets.   So adorable!  So, those are my swatches I got above.  I will do another post when I (hopefully) finish the project!

BONUS!  Pixie Dust Decor is offering Tiny Oranges readers a special coupon code for 20% off any purchase!  Enter Pixie Dust Coupon Code PN20 through 10/1/09 to redeem.     Happy sewing!  


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  1. 1
    Sonia says:

    Would love to hear how your project goes. Also, which website was it that you were going to buy it from? I would love to see what they look like.

  2. 2
    Jen says:

    Hi Sonia! It was actually in a store where I saw them…not online. If I found something online similar, I will write with the link 🙂

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