Super Cute DIY End of Year Teacher Gift

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This post is on a simple DIY end of year teacher gift.

I actually made the arrangement above for Teacher Appreciation Week and one of my friends Julie commented on Facebook on how it could be given as an end of the year teacher gift as well.

They are so easy to grow and once you make a few arrangements at home, you can take clippings to make new arrangements that will continue to bloom.

To get started, purchase a variety of mini succulents like these at your local Home Depot. Most of the little ones range from $1.75-$3.00 each. I think it is good to mix and match different colors and textures. You will also want to purchase palm & cactus soil to plant them in.

For the teacher gift, you can pick any container you like. I found the metal plant pot above from IKEA. Using your special potting soil, you will then clip and “plant” your arrangement to your liking.

I located the adorable free printable that says, “Thank you for helping me grow this year!” on Living Locurto.

I glued the printable sign to a popsicle stick and stuck it into the arrangement, and voila, one totally darling DIY end of teacher gift!



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  1. 1
    Lynnee says:

    So thoughtful! Sounds easy yet it really does add a special touch. Thanks for sharing! Lynnee

  2. 2
    Jen says:

    So happy you like it!! I think the succulents make it really unique!

  3. 3
    Jennifer D. says:

    I know NOTHING about succulents. You say you clip and plant…does that mean you don’t need to dig and repot like normal plants? Just a clipping will take root? Thanks! Very cute idea!

    • 4
      jen says:

      Hi Jennifer D.! You don’t really need to dig much, of course, you need to have a stem that is long enough to be stuck in and covered with foil, but you don’t need to dig a deep hole, just cover. Good luck – let me know how it goes!

  4. 5

    Awww! My tag looks cute! Thanks for sharing your pretty teacher gift and my tags:-)

  5. 6
    Nadine says:

    Thanks for the wonderful idea. My children & I made 20 of them. They turned out fabulous!!

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