OC Spring Bucket List for Kids

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oc spring activities for kids

[This cute idea comes from one of my new writers, Lisa, who you will be hearing more from in the future!  – Jen]

OC Spring Activities for Kids

Spring has sprung; the season of sunshine and showers, rainbows and flowers, so wanted to write a post on my favorite OC spring activities for kids.

This is the time to be outside, relishing in the beautiful blossoms, splashing in puddles, exploring the green hills and indoors,  a time of renewing;  out with old, organizing and setting a bit of a fresh start as well.

 It is a beautiful time to be in Orange County, and to experience it anew with your children.

Join Me for a Seven-Week Series

For the next seven weeks I’ll be encouraging you to squeeze the most of our beautiful location.  With local hints and information, purveyed for the family! Get inspired, and not overwhelmed with simple, fun ideas, tailored for our region.

Through a children’s eye small things are big things, little, special moments turn into the memories we carry with us through a lifetime.  I know I remember sweet days taking the trolley in the rain with my dad in San Diego, or a foggy morning breakfast, these days can be SO special. Let’s make the most of the season!

Join our Spring Journey on Instagram

Please join us Instagram this spring and share ideas of what OC spring activities for kids you and your kiddos are doing with the #tinyorangesspring hashtag.

Follow me at @lisarimke and @tinyorangesOC to see what we’re doing!


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  1. 1
    jen says:

    I am excited to do some of these cute ideas with my kids this spring. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • 2
      lisa says:

      Thank-you!!! I know, it’s going to be SO fun!

  2. 3
    Deb says:

    Excited to read all your ideas!

  3. 4
    christy says:

    Love this blog! Excited to try some of these super cute ideas with my kids!

  4. 5

    Hi Lisa, looking forward to your series and some good tips on what to do with the kiddos!

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