Seriously Amazon?

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I posted yesterday about the highly publicized Amazon Prime Day which was touted and marketed by Amazon to be “Better Than Black Friday!”

I am such an Amazon Prime fan that I felt compelled to do a post yesterday about Amazon Prime Day in the hopes that I could also share these amazing, “Better Than Black Friday” deals with you.

As a shopper, I was also fired up to go online and see all the amazing “Better Than Black Friday” deals that I might be able to take advantage of.

What a disappointment!

Did you guys think the same thing?

First off, I found it to be very confusing.

And then when (I guess) I found the Amazon Prime Day deals, they were things that (to me) were completely random.

So I did not buy any deals on Amazon Prime Day.

Did you?

I am still an avid Amazon Prime fan, but to Amazon Prime Day, I give it a two thumbs down.

What were your thoughts? Did I miss something? Anyone get a great deal?

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Better Than Black Friday: Amazon Prime Day July 15th

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Links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. 

I didn’t discover the awesomeness of Amazon Prime until last Christmas when I signed up for their Free 30-Day Trial to do my Christmas shopping.

Seriously. What in the HECK took me so long?! Amazon Prime is the bomb!!!  It has saved me SO much time, money and headaches.

There are a gazillion items that get free two-day shipping, many now even are on free one-day shipping. In need of a last minute birthday gift for the weekend with no time to run to the store? No problem. Amazon Prime, I love you.

As a Prime Member we also get access to a ton of instant videos the kids love.

I also give the Amazon Gift Cards as gifts because they arrive the next day with one-day free shipping. Perfect teacher gifts.

The reason I never signed up for it before was that I was afraid of spending too much money online shopping simply because it’s so easy and so convenient.

But what I have realized is that Amazon Prime actually SAVES me money! 

Here’s why, often I use it to buy gifts or items I need last minute using the free shipping.

If I were to run to Target for the same item, I would be guaranteed to spend a whole lot more on things I realized I couldn’t live without while in the store. Am I right?

Not a Prime member? Sign up here for a Free 30-Day Trial and just try it out.

Amazon Prime Day 

Since I am a new Amazon Prime gal, this is the first I am getting to experience Happy Amazon Prime Day July 15.

I hear that it’s better than Black Friday. SWEET! Stock up now on some items for Christmas and disperse the holiday spending.

It’s a one day shopping event on July 15th, 2015 with exclusive deals for Prime Members.

Already a Prime Member and is it July 15th? Happy Amazon Prime Day – July 15 – Exclusive Deals for Prime Members – Shop Now!!!

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