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Dry Divas

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Dry Divas Coupon Code

Colleen, the owner of Dry Divas, wants to treat all of you special mamas this Mother’s Day with Dry Divas coupon code MOM for 20% off!


Many times in my busy mom life I ask myself, can I pull off my hair’s current state without washing it? Because let’s face it, some days there is just no time to blow dry. On those days, dry shampoo and my Dry Divas shower cap are my best friends.

Dry Divas Shower Caps

Dry Divas carries a darling assortment of high-quality and also high-fashion shower caps for those days when you need to rinse off and want to preserve your hair from getting wet.

The elastic stays put (doesn’t inch up) and will last up to 2 – 3 years.  This is no standard, find in the hotel room shower cap, this is a full on bathing accessory!

They are also machine washable and are made here with love in the good ‘ole USA.

These make the best gifts for girlfriends so I wanted to share the Dry Divas coupon code of MOM for 20% off so you can stock up on Mother’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, hostess gifts and any other occasion when you want to give something unique she will love.


To complement the darling shower caps and to complete your beauty routine in style, you can also find matching cosmetic bags and spa bands.  The cosmetic bags are only a + $8 add on with your shower cap purchase.

The spa bands are perfect for keeping your hair dry when washing your face or putting on a mask.


I hope you are all looking forward to Mother’s Day and I hope this post gave you some good new gift ideas! Have a wonderful weekend!





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Take a Tour in BeautyLand

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This post is sponsored by CosmetiCare to spread the word about their free BeautyLand event on May 7th. 


As a blogger, when I get approached about sponsored campaigns and whether I want to take it on and write about it, I ask myself, “Does this interest me? Would it interest or be of value to my readers?

If I say “yes” to those two questions, it is a good fit.

Recently I was contacted about a campaign to spread the word about an event called BeautyLand hosted by one of Orange County’s leading medspas, CosmetiCare, and when reading about some of the services they offer and how two in particular have always interested me, I wanted to share this event with you.

For years I have wanted to learn more about laser hair removal but have never gotten around to investigating options. I have also been interested in IPL treatments because, thanks to 40 years in the sun, I have quite a bit of brown spots and discoloration and would love to even out my skin tone.

Both services are offered at CosmetiCare and the BeautyLand event will allow me to see the treatment rooms and get more information.

BeautyLand at CosmetiCare 

Love what you see when you look in the mirror.

BeautyLand is an Open House event where you can visit the medspa and tour the seven signature rooms to learn more about services for serious skincare results (while sipping on complimentary bubbly and nibbling on delectable hors d’oeuvres).

Through onsite demonstrations of non-invasive beauty treatments and techniques you can see how these treatments are used to correct wrinkles, loose and sagging skin, uneven skin tone and pigmentation, rosacea and more.

Here is just a sample of their different treatment rooms you can visit at BeautyLand.

Skin Care and Glow Room 

Discover aesthetic technology with instant results and zero downtime.

Fat Melting Room

TruSculpt is a 100% non-invasive body contouring option, again with no downtime.

Laser Room 

This is the place where they say painless laser hair removal takes place. I am intrigued by the painless claim, and would like to learn more. Especially before bikini season.

Freeze & Fill and more

Lots of options on how to fight wrinkles and signs of aging these days.

Care Credit Room

If you are curious about cost you can request no-interest financing in the Care Credit room and learn different payment options.

map BeautyLand Event Info 

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

1101 Bayside Drive, Suite 100
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

Tours take place at 2:00pm, 3:00pm and 4:00pm.

RSVP is required as space is limited and this is an adult-only event.

To sign up for a free tour, email with your preferred tour time or call 949.273.2663.

Attendees will receive opportunity drawing tickets to win baskets overflowing with skin-care products and services valued up to $600 with each stop during the BeautyLand event culminating with a $2000 grand prize! I am taking the 4:00pm tour, hope to see some of my readers there!

$500 Giveaway!

Enter to win $500 worth of Spa Services for you at CostmetiCare medspa!

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When To Toss Old Cosmetics

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When to Replace Old Cosmetics

My cousin Kristin is an esthetician and during a recent facial we got to talking about shelf life of cosmetics. Realizing how little I knew about this topic, I asked to her write a post on when to replace old cosmetics. Here is what she wrote!

When to Replace Old Cosmetics 

By:  Kristin Scott, Healthy Skin by Kristin

Being an esthetician, I can easily sing the praises of having monthly facials. Besides being a relaxing treat, an experienced licensed skin care therapist will use products customized to be as gentle or aggressive as needed for your individual skin type, condition and desired result.   Your skin needs to be professionally exfoliated and moisturized, just like your hair needs to be professionally cut and conditioned, and your teeth need to be professionally cleaned.

Equally, if not more important than regular facials, is your home skin care routine.

While the expense of quality beauty products might motivate you to keep products to the every last drop, it’s important to ensure the beauty products you are using aren’t past their prime.

The reason most products go bad is bacteria, which means you may be risking infection, breakouts, or other skin problems.  Unfortunately the expiration date of skin care products and makeup aren’t as easy to recognize as the expiration dates on food products.

I realize that it might be out of your budget to replace all your beauty products at once.  But you can use Tiny Oranges’ September #DailyChargeChallenge as an excuse take a few minutes to go through your existing skin care products and make-up and toss any obvious offenders.  Use your best judgment and if you think it’s time to toss it, it probably is.

A Word About Natural Products 

If the product contains organic ingredients the shelf life is generally less due to the lack in preservatives.

Although most skin care products may last a year or two, products labeled “natural” may have a shorter shelf-life because they contain less non-chemical preservatives.  If any makeup, and especially lipstick, is stored in a hot environment, like the car, it should be replaced much sooner.

Unopened products that are still sealed usually have a shelf life of 3-5 years or more, so don’t be concerned about unopened products.

The countdown starts when you open it.  Once you do open a new product, it might be a good idea to take a Sharpie pen and indicate the date so you’ll easily know in the future when it needs to be replaced.

Typical Shelf Life of Cosmetics and Skincare Products 

Blush:   1-2 years (Powder blush will last longer than crèmes)

Cleansers (creme and gel):  1 year

Concealer:   1 year

Eyeliner:  6 months – 2 years (Liquid liner can be kept for up to six months.  Pencil eyeliners can last longer if they are sharpened regularly.)

Eyeshadow:  1 year – as long as it maintains its color and consistency

Foundation:   1-2 years  (Water-based foundation will last up to 12 months;  oil-based will last up to 2 years.  If a watery top layer forms in the bottle, throw the foundation away.)

Lipstick/lip products:   1-2 years.  (Lip liners last the longest of any lip product and should be safe for about two years.  Buy new lip gloss every year.)

Mascara:  3 months (This product expires the fastest.  And don’t pump the mascara wand in and out.  You’re exposing the product to more bacteria, which can lead to an eye infection.)

Moisturizers (and most Treatment Products):   1-2 years.   Often it’s still fine to use as long as the product is not separating or looking or smelling a bit “off”.   Again, rely on your instinct and senses.  If in doubt, throw it out.

Powder:   2 years

Sponges:   Wash weekly and discard monthly.

Have any questions about when to replace old cosmetics not found in this list? Comment below and ask Kristin!

2651 Irvine Ave., Suite 148, Costa Mesa, CA  92627

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Renaissance ClubSport Blow Dry Bar

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Renaissance Blow Dry Bar

A couple weeks back, I was invited to come down to check out the facilities at the Renaissance ClubSport in Aliso Viejo and end my experience with a professional blow dry by one of their stylists as a part of their new Renaissance Blow Dry Bar.

First off, are you kidding me with this facility?!

If I lived closer, I would be a member of Renaissance ClubSport in a hot minute. It’s not a gym, it’s not just a spa, it’s an entire experience.


I could go on, and on, and on about this club, but the focus of my post is on the new Renaissance Blow Dry Bar so I will have to contain my enthusiasm over their offerings.

But, just so you know, the facility boasts a fabulous pool (with new kids’ splash pad/play area opening soon), state-of-the-art gym,  impressive fitness class schedule, restaurant, full service Spa, and the Kids World (child care program) is divided by age group (ages 6 weeks to 12 years old) where members can enjoy up to 3 hours of child care per day.


After a great workout on their cardio machines, I followed my workout with some steam and sauna time.

There is also a jacuzzi in the Women’s Locker Room for further relaxation. By the time I hit the showers before my blow dry, I already felt as if I spent a day at the spa.  Refreshed, relaxed and ready for my blow out.

Is there anything more relaxing than having someone else blow dry and style your hair?  Heaven.

Renaissance Blow Dry Bar

The new Renaissance Blow Dry Bar, located conveniently inside the Renaissance ClubSport women’s locker room and is open from 8 a.m. to noon and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday at a flat fee of $35 for any styling preference – curled, straightened, full bodied and smooth.

There are no shampoo bowls, so you take care of washing and conditioning your own hair in their showers, and then arrive at the blow dry station at your appointment time ready to be styled.

My stylist, Georgina, was awesome. My blow dry started with a scalp massage (ahhhh) and then we discussed the look I wanted. She had great recommendations on what would look best for the event I was heading to.

In the end, I decided to go for some body and waves and the result was some pretty fabulous “Va Va Voom” hair!

hair after

Appointments can be booked through Renaissance ClubSport’s R Spa at (949) 330-5550.

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Facialworks 40 Minute Oxygen Facials [Giveaway!]

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Facialworks review


Last Friday I had the opportunity to visit a local beauty spot everyone has been talking about, Facialworks luxury oxygen facial bar in Newport Beach, for one of their specialty 40 minute oxygen facials.

Facialworks is also treating one lucky winner this Mother’s Day with a giveaway for two oxygen facials in honor of Mother’s Day. Make sure to enter below!


What is Facialworks all about? 

Facialworks had me at the concept alone.

Their facials are done at a fun bar with the goal to get you cleansed, hydrated and radiant in just 40 minutes. In and out.

That’s right mamas. No big time commitment, no downtime, and no stretching the truth to your hubby about the cost because their 40 minute facials start at only $35.

Yes, $35, which includes a cleanse, exfoliation, masque, oxygen infusion, hydration and finishing touches.

If you are so inclined, you can add on some extras like the NuFace Microcurrent Facial Lift treatment (+$20), Double Oxygen infusion (+$10) and Glo Minerals Airbrush Make-up (+$20).


What to Expect at Facialworks 

When I walked in, I was immediately taken with the decor. Their modern color palette of soft grays and turquoise is right up my alley, and the cool loungey music added to the ambiance.

I was given a menu of services to select my choice of different things like type of cleanser preferred (gentle or exfoliating), did I want a Clarisonic cleanse? tinted or non-tinted SPF finish? etc.

Or, you can leave it up to your Facialworks skinSTYLIST.


Facialworks Oxygen Facials 

The first thing I wanted to ask was, “what exactly IS an oxygen facial?”

From their website, I learned oxygen facials use the power of hyperbaric oxygen to infuse serum into the skin. The oxygen concentrators create a pressure bubble on the surface of the skin which aids in deep absorption of the custom serum, resulting in glowing, tight skin.

They might have lost me at the word hyperbaric, but the point is, the oxygen makes your skin really pretty. That’s all I need to know!


My skinSTYLIST started with a cleanse, then did a Clarisonic exfoliation and masque.

Facialworks treated me to the upgrades so it was then time for NuFace, in which a little microcurrent stimulates the muscles underneath the skin resulting in toning and firming of surface lines.

Music to almost 40 year old ears.

After that, it was time for the serum spray and oxygen, both of which were very relaxing.  The oxygen almost felt like cool water being blown on my face, but there was no moisture coming from the wand.  It was wild.

She ended with a moisturizer, and my face felt like silk. The treatment was extremely gentle and I had little redness. I have to say my skin felt amazing.


Walk Out Radiant 

One of my not so favorite things about facials is how I can sometimes look red afterwards, with all my blemishes exposed for the world to see.

With the airbrushed make-up application, I was able to walk out looking ready to hit the town (or more realistically, ready to run into moms at preschool pick up).

Then all I needed then was some eyes and lips and I was ready for Friday date night.

Affordable Luxury 

Many times facials are cut from the budget and considered a luxury for many, including myself.

However, at a $35 price point, it makes it more affordable to take care of your skin on a more regular basis.

Mother’s Day Promotion & Giveaway

Book a facial for you and your mom this Saturday and Sunday (May 10th and 11th) and you will receive a free NuFace Microcurrent upgrade. You will love it. I really could see the difference when she showed me the one side of my face she worked on versus the other.

Facialworks also offers gift certificates if you want to treat a special mom in your life to an oxygen facial.

Hooray! It’s a Giveaway!  

In honor of Mother’s Day, Facialworks is giving away two 40-minute oxygen facials to one lucky winner to take her mom or a girlfriend ($70 value.) Enter below, good luck!

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