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How To Trim Your Daughter’s Growing Out Bangs

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How to trim girl's growing out bangs

This post includes a how to video on how to cut your daughter’s bangs when you are trying to grow them out by OC hairstylist Tera Rae Stephens of Tek Salon in Costa Mesa.

Growing out a little girl’s bangs can be no easy feat!

If you are in the beginning phase, make sure to read this first post on How to Grow Out Your Little Girl’s Bangs to see four cute hairstyles you can do when they start getting in her eyes.

When they start to get longer, a little trim along the way, will make them easier to wear while growing out.

Here Tera teaches us how to cut your daughter’s bangs while growing them out by demonstrating on her own cutie patootie, Harper:

And here is step-by-step instructions you can follow to go along with the video:

1.   Using a flat brush, dry your little girl’s bangs to lay in the direction that you ultimately want them to lie.  Take into consideration any cowlicks that may fight you!

2.   Section out the bangs that you plan to reshape.  If they were cut by a stylist originally, they will most likely be a triangle shape when you comb it all forward.

3.   Clip back any hair that isn’t bangs and avoid cutting that.

4.   Comb the bangs into the position that they will lie and take a small (1 inch), diagonal section from the back of the bangs toward the hairline. (See head sheet)

5.   Holding your fingers parallel to the parting, cut just the corner off from short to long.  Be sure to only remove enough hair that the shortest piece will lay just above the eyebrow.

6.   Comb the section back to where it will lie and make sure the length is correct before continuing to the next section.

7.   Take the next parting and comb it down to the previously cut section.  Using the previous section as a guide, cut the second section.

8.   Work this way until all of the hair has been combed down and trimmed.  When you get to the final sections, there may not be any hair that will reach.  Don’t cut what doesn’t need to be cut!!!

9.   If the longer side of the bangs are heavy, carefully texturize the last section, holding the hair in the same place it was originally cut.

10. You just cut a very simple side swept bang!  Enjoy looking at that sweet little face!

And here is a visual to help.  Good LUCK! Let us know if you try it and how it works out for you!

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Let Skincare by Victoria Pamper You…and Your Skin

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Listen up mamas; I’m about to let you in on a little secret. One that I had pretty much filed away and forgotten about until I was invited to experience a custom facial by our lovely new sponsor, Skincare by Victoria a little “me time” goes a LONG way.

One word. Heavenly. Absolutely heavenly (okay, that’s two words.)

Taking some much-deserved time and enjoying a bit of primping and pampering for yourself can recharge you for weeks.

You can recharge too, with a chance to enter to win a 60-minute custom facial from Victoria below! Make sure to enter AND forward this post to your hubby with a Mother’s Day is coming up (wink wink) reminder.

This darling Orange County spa is located in the Cannery Village in Newport, a charming French Chateau’esque retreat.

When I walked in, I was greeted by the owner, Victoria, an experienced and gentle licensed esthetician who has been practicing for 13 years, and just celebrated her grand opening in this location in February.

A cozy fire was already lit (perfect for the chilly April morning), candles were burning, soft music was playing, fresh roses were set out…and I felt all of the stress of wrangling the kids to school, fade.

This delightful spa is a quiet and peaceful one-room sanctuary that has all of the feminine touches and subtle elegance of someone’s home. I changed into a fluffy white wrap, cuddled into the heated and cushy massage bed, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my custom one-hour facial.

I was exfoliated, soothed with lotions, gently scrubbed, moisturized, and massaged, complete with soft cucumber eye pads and warm towel wraps.

Victoria asked me about my skin care routine, if I had any concerns, answered some of my skin questions.Has anybody else’s skin changed after they’ve had babies? Well, mine has! She was very knowledgeable in addressing the reasons. Then she let me know that this was my “me time.” We could chat (which we did – so nice to make a new friend!) or I could relax and enjoy the quiet…whatever I wanted.

She explained that she is all about improving the quality of her client’s skin, while letting them unwind and relax and enjoy some pampering. And, I needed it!

Victoria offers a variety of custom and specialty facials for all skin types, ranging from her mini facial (if you can only squeeze in a half hour), to her brightening facial or back facial, microdermabrasion and more…plus waxing and tinting services. She uses top-of-the-line skin products by Epicuren, which are only sold by medical doctors and licensed estheticians.

Don’t know which treatment to indulge in? Just ask her! She can recommend the perfect spa service for you – and right in time for Mother’s Day! So, treat yourself…or your own mama, best friend or aunt…to the perfect pampering experience. And, tell her I said hello!

Oh, and make sure to arrive a few minutes early to nab a good parking spot (metered spots available and they take credit cards!), and maybe even walk around this fun little area – so much to see and enjoy.

Hooray! It’s a Tiny Giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive a 60-minute brightening facial

(a $125 value!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was graciously treated to this one-hour facial, complimentary – Skincare by Victoria is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor…and we are SO glad she is! We hope your spa experience is just as fabulous!)

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Hip Peas Natural Hair Products for Kids Review

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Peas allow me to introduce you to a company called Hip Peas, an all natural hair care line for kids. And peas forgive me in advance for the word plays on peas. It’s so cute I can’t help myself.

Hip Peas was created by a mom of two young girls on a mission: to create a hair care line that is child-friendly, completely safe, all natural, and most importantly WORKS GREAT.   

We were recently sent three of their products for review, and let me tell you, do they EVER! You can try them too and save money with their 20% off coupon code, details below.

 “It Smells like Lollipops!”

The first time we used their natural Hair Detangler on my girls, my daughter exclaimed, “It smells like lollipops!” What little girl doesn’t want a hair product that smells like lollipops? {The secret? Natural blueberry extract.} Yum!

Used on wet or dry hair, it will detangle, increase shine, prevent static and eliminate frizz. This product also includes lavender and rosemary extract ~ natural lice repellents {double bonus.}

All Natural Hair Styling Products for Kids  

Another thing I love about this company is they carry a line of all natural hair styling products for kids.

The Hip Peas Hair Balm is a top seller and can be used on both boys and girls.

Got a little man you like to style with a spiky ‘do? This is the product for you as it allows you to twist, twirl, straighten or curl into any style.

Personally, I have loved using this product on my girls to smooth down their flyaways when we put their hair back into barrettes or ponies. And this is the PERFECT product for little ballerinas come dance recital time!

The Curl Tamer is another best seller for anyone who is lucky enough to have little ones with curly locks. It moisturizes, enhances and defines waves and curls without adding weight.

 Hip Peas Coupon Code!

Enter code “tinyoranges” at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order at now through 10/1/13!

Please also note that any order over $50 receives free shipping. I just used the code yesterday to stock up on their shampoo and conditioner sets, along with a gift, and the 20% off with free shipping made it a super deal. Take advantage now!

Natural Cradle Cap Product

I am LOVE with this Hip Peas Cradle Cap Gift Set which includes their famous natural Cradle Cap Care Product made with essential oils along with a special eco-friendly brush designed for baby’s comfort.

The owner, Stephanie, developed this product when she had a newborn, to create a product that was the the safest, most effective way to help get rid of cradle cap.

Such a cute gift set for baby shower and new mom gifts.

Helping Children in Need 

Hip Peas proudly supports charities that help children in need by pledging 10% of their profits to support, and

We love mom-owned companies with a conscience working to provide safer products for our own little sweet peas, while giving back at the same time, which is why I am a proud supporter of Hip Peas!

Peas and love and…Peas Out! 

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post; one that I am thrilled and honored to share with you!]

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How to Grow Out Your Little Girl’s Bangs

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This guest blog on how to grow out your little girl’s bangs is by OC hair stylist and mama of three, Tera Rae Stephens. Tera is currently in the process of growing out her four-year-old daughter, Harper’s bangs.

At each phase of the growing out process, Tera will be sharing with us realtime mom-to-mom styling tips to keep the shaggy dog look at bay.  Here is what she writes about the first phase of the “grow out!”

“It’s no secret that my family gets the least amount of attention when it comes to hair cuts and styling so when my daughter begged for a hair cut  “at your work” I finally gave in. AND I IMPULSIVELY CUT HER BANGS!!!!!

That is Harper in the image above on the day I cut her bangs, sitting in my chair at the salon feeling very cool and grown up.

We thought they were really cute and totally changed the way she looked.  I also liked how they naturally kept most of her hair out of her face and made her ponytails and braids more interesting.

The first time I had to trim them came way too quickly and she wasn’t happy to sit still for the clean up.  And her reaction after the trim was hilarious! She actually thought the bangs would be gone!  She was as tired of them as I was, so I explained to her that the only way to get rid of bangs was to grow them out and we decided it was time to do just that…

That is how my girl is looking at the first stage of “grow out!” Super Shaggy Dog!

I wanted to share this process with you because I have some great tricks that can make the process so much easier.  And you may find they work for you as well! Here are a few ways we’ve been keeping the shag out of her face and eyes…

Slick It Back

By putting a medium hold gel in the front of her hair when it’s damp (or sprayed with a water bottle) I can slick it back into a bun or ponytail and it holds her bangs back all day.

Make a Braid Headband

My favorite style on her has been to part it in the middle and braid each section into a braid.  I then wrap the braids over the top of her head and bobby pin them in place.  They work as a headband to keep her bangs back!

Train a Middle Part 

The last two pictures below are a little trick that works wonders.  I plan to train her bangs to part in the middle as that seems to be what they want to do naturally. When she’s eating her breakfast in the morning, I bobby pin the hair back and by the time she leaves for school the hair stays parted there!  If you want a side part, push all of the bangs to the side and pin it there!

We have also been using elastic head bands (see me in a tutorial on how to make your own elastic hair ties here) and lots of barrettes!

Stay tuned… In my next post, I will show you how to make a small adjustment to the shape of the bangs by cutting that will make the grow out process smoother than you expect!!”

Thanks Tera! Soooo cute! Do any of you have tips to share on styles to keep the bangs out of their eyes? Comment below!

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Fairy Tales Lice Prevention Hair Products [Giveaway]

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A few weeks ago a brave mom who recently survived a family head lice infestation shared her tips on what she learned through the ordeal. One resource she found through her research was a natural, organic hair care line for children called Fairy Tales, which makes lice prevention and lice elimination hair care products.

The company contacted me as a result of that post and sent me a few Fairy Tales hair products for review AND for a giveaway. Make sure to enter below!

First off, you gotta love a product that comes with a pamphlet entitled, “The Facts of Lice.” Made me giggle. And there is not much about lice that can make me crack a smile!

Their Rosemary Repel® product line is the first line of natural hair care products proven to help prevent head lice using organic herbs of rosemary, tea tree, peppermint, lavender and geranium oils.

And if an unfortunate lice outbreak should occur, their Lice Good-Bye is only natural lice removal treatment clinically proven to eliminate head lice and their nits without harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Offered at an affordable price, you can buy the products online or at local retailers.

We have used the Rosemary Repel Shampoo, Rosemary Repel Creme Conditioner and Rosemary Repel Conditioning Spray.  The shampoo and conditioner are lovely, and smell very fresh, like a garden of fragrant herbs.

The scent is powerful, good, but strong, so I can see why lice would not like to bury themselves in the scent. I was a tad concerned my sensitive-sniffer kids would not like the smell, however, they LOVE the products!

My first grader remembers to apply her Conditioning Spray each morning while getting ready for school and I love knowing  there is something we can do to arm ourselves against those nasty little critters. I highly recommend these products. You can learn more at

Hooray! It’s a Tiny Giveaway! One winner will receive a set of the Rosemary Repel Shampoo, Conditioner and Conditioning Spray. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[Disclosure: We were sent complimentary products to facilitate this review.]

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