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Fun Easter Bunny Traditions

Fun Easter Bunny Traditions

Hippity-hoppity…Easter is fast-approaching!  And now that we’re enjoying a beautiful spring, I want to share my fun Easter Bunny traditions with all of you.

Leave carrots for the bunny

Much like leaving out cookies for Santa, my kiddos like to leave out a plate of carrots for the bunny.  Our Easter Bunny tends to have a BIG appetite!  And that silly, messy bunny leaves a trail of half eaten carrots outside of my kids’ rooms, all the way to their Easter baskets.

The carrots with the long, leafy tops.  My kids think this is absolutely hysterical!

I also came across this adorable idea on Pinterest, from Bloom Designs – bunny bait!  Check it out…so cute!

There’s more than one type of egg…

There are TONS of fun ideas floating around, and our Easter Bunny leaves all sorts of fun treats in plastic eggs…and not always candy.

Some of my favorites that our Bunny has done (and I’ve heard about through other mama friends), include:

- Small puzzle pieces (one puzzle piece per egg…then they can put the puzzle together once the egg hunt is complete!)
- Kid-friendly Bible verses
- Stickers or temporary tattoos
- Goldfish crackers
- Little trinkets or play jewelry
- “Treasure” like good doubloons

Kali just wrote a great blog on Tiny Oranges about adorable Easter crafts, including decorative egg ideas – check it out!

Bunny tracks

Our Peter Cottontail sometimes leaves little hoppity paw print tracks (foot prints?) around the baskets he leaves for the kiddos…I think his “secret” is a little flour in the shape of his foot.

Warning – should you attempt, this is messy!

Plant “jelly bean seeds”

One of my mama friends just told me about this…have your kids “plant” jelly bean “seeds” outside.

When they start hunting for eggs the next morning, they’ll find that the jelly beans have sprouted into lollipops!  (Note-to-self – remember where kids planted the seeds!).

How cute is this?!  (Next note-to-self…I sincerely hope the birds don’t find these little lollipop treats as equally as yummy as my kids do…)

Follow the clues, follow the trail!

I’ve also heard of another cutie patootie idea – the Easter Bunny leaves clues…or trails…from the kids’ rooms to their baskets – this is great for kids who already know how to read.  It’s a fun basket “treasure” hunt.  The bunny could also use jelly beans, baby carrots, written clues with riddles for the kids to solve, plastic eggs…the possibilities are endless.

Bunny breakfast

What’s Easter morning, without a fun bunny breakfast?  Take a look at these two ideas I scouted out on Pinterest…pancake “bunnies”…and a super cute egg dish, with bacon.

Half Hour Meals – bunny pancakes with a healthy twist!

Worth Pinning – make your scrambled eggs and bacon into a super cute bunny shape!

 What are your favorite Easter Bunny traditions?  Any fun or cute ideas?  Please share below!

Easy Easter Decor

Easy Easter Decor

We are all busy, so finding easy easter decor is a necessity!  I’ve collected eight easy ideas for you and your family to try this easter.

They will all add some holiday fun to your home and are simple enough that you can include the kids in the process.

Easy Easter Decor DIY Roundup

Left to right from the top:

1. Bird’s Nest Bowls - What a great way to recycle some of that paper in your shredder! These nests would be so cute on a coffee table or mantle with some little chocolate eggs in them.

2. Bunny Silhouette - Love the minimalist fun of this simple craft.

3. Peep Sunflower Topiary - Just as happy as real sunflowers, but made with Peeps!

4. Jellybean Bracelets - Can’t wait to make these with my daughter! They’re a perfect treat to share with girlfriends at school and a fun way to decorate yourself for the holiday.

5. Cute Bunny Banner - Who can resist all those paint swatches at the hardware store?! Grab your stash and add some gradient beauty to your mantle or doorway.

6. Wheat Grass Centerpiece - Easy to grow, a simple wheatgrass centerpiece adds a fresh Springtime element to your table.  And when Easter is over, trim it down and add it to your smoothie!

7. Egg Head Plantings - This one is like the wheatgrass centerpiece, but for the kids table. Quick and easy to grow, the kids will have a great time “styling” the hair!

8. Easter Egg Garland - What a fabulous way to use all those plastic eggs that are laying around! This is a simple project that you can do with the kids to add some festive color to your house.

Happy Crafting!

What are your favorite easter decor crafts?  We’d love to hear, please share your ideas in the comments below!

8 Easy Easter Activities for Kids

Easy Easter activities for kids

It’s hard to sort though all those Easter crafts out there, so I’ve gathered eight easy Easter activities for kids to give you some inspiration over the next month.

Here is a fun and easy Easter roundup of activities that my family is going to do this year, hope you’ll give them a try too!

Easy Easter Activities for Kids 

Left to right from the top:

1. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

2. Egg People Cars

3. Watercolor Letter Easter Eggs

4. Tattoo Easter Eggs

5. Polka Dot Glitter Eggs

6. Origami Easter Bunnies

7. Bunny Cross Stitch

8. Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Have fun with these, and have a Happy Easter! Do you have any fun Easter activities you do with your kids? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

How to Organize Your Kid’s Artwork

how to organize your kid's artwork - 2

Hi, my name is Christy.  And, my kids’ art projects are taking over my home.  Can anyone else relate?  Piles, stuffed folders, pictures plastered on walls, doors, bulletin boards…oh my!  I knew I had to clean up and go through all of these precious little “treasures.”  Here are my tips for how to organize your kid’s artwork. 

I knew my “art wall” was getting out of control when my laid-back husband told me that our kitchen walls were being taken over by random kid projects, coloring scraps, pipe cleaner creations, and paper plate animals.

I defensively looked at my beautiful walls, filled with…okay, well they were plastered with multiple art projects galore.  Every inch of space was maxed out.  As much as I loved each and every picture, I admitted it was a little out of control.

So, I came up with a couple of solutions that seemed to help me get more organized and less cluttered.

Solution #1 – Organize your art wall

I found these cute little artwork wall organizers at Target (my home away from home!), pictured above.  I took every precious masterpiece off of our kitchen walls and doors…and picked four to keep in rotation, per kiddo.

I hung up the organizers on our designated “art wall,” and now switch out my daughter and son’s art and school projects every couple of days.  This keeps everything a little more tidy…and still proudly displayed!

Solution #2 – File the “keepers”

As much as I wish I could keep every project, coloring page, painting and worksheet…there is simply not enough room.  Each week I go through all of my kid’s schoolwork and art pieces from the week. I pick the “keepers” - you know, the really special ones.  The ones that are memorable and/or extra adorable, represent milestones, are made just for you, and so on.

I either display those or file them in each kid’s school box.  Yep, I have made a school organizer box for each of my children.  So.much.easier.

I pick out what I think the grandparents would like and set that aside.  Then…SHHHHHH…I recycle the rest.  Without guilt.

Solution #3 – Artkive

Artkive is one of my favorite apps ever – and is free!!  You can upload pictures of your kid’s artwork and school projects and store it on Artkive’s site.  Here’s the cool part – you can organize the artwork electronically by child, year in school (or chronological age), date/month/year, plus you can add a description of their creation.

You can also make and save a list of email addresses, and then choose to send a picture copy to your family and friends with your kid’s latest masterpiece.  All of the my kids’ grandparents love getting these fun emails!

Another option?  With Artkive, you can actually print a book of your all of your kid’s artwork – organized chronologically.  Be still my heart!

What are your kid art organizing secrets?  Do you have any tips or tricks?
Please share below!

Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas


This blog is dedicated to creative tooth fairy ideas - and, there are some AH-dorable ones I’ve heard from fellow mamas, friends from school, and of course, seen on Pinterest.

My little girl seems to be in what I’m nicknaming her “tooth losing season”…one cute wiggly one after another. This means two things:

1.) Tear!  She’s growing up so quickly.  And,
2.) The tooth fairy has been making frequent visits to our home.

Since my daughter is in kindergarten and is basically all grown-up (according to her), she comes home and excitedly shares what the Tooth Fairy is bringing her friends.  And it is nearly impossible not to compare.

“Mom, why doesn’t the tooth fairy  ________?”  Fill in the blank. Fabulous.

So, I just explain how the tooth fairy has a special delivery for every child, and since every child is different, so is each treasure.

Here are just a few of the super cute tooth fairy ideas I’ve heard about:

Fairy Dust

As quoted in Disney’s Peter Pan, “All you need is faith, love, and pixie dust!”  Or in this case, tooth fairy dust.  The tooth fairy sprinkles a little glitter on my child’s pillow…and in her tooth pillow.  My little princess is obsessed with sparkles, so she is delighted with the bedazzle.

Gold Coin “Treasure”

Our Tooth Fairy brings gold coins, which look very much like gold doubloons from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. This is a winner in our house. P.S. I have heard the tooth fairy can stop by the bank and exchange dollars for these special gold coins.

Tooth Fairy Receipt

I have to give full credit to Pinterest because there are just so many adorable tooth dairy receipt printables the tooth fairy can find! Our tooth fairy must have nabbed this one from A Typical English Home - check it out.  SO cute!

Dollar Origami

I saw a picture of an adorable heart shaped dollar bill on one of my friend’s Facebook pages, so I looked into it. I came across  the Crafty Journal on Pinterest. She gives a  step-by-step on how the tooth fairy can make a heart for your kiddo.

Last, But Not Least…

How about leaving the tooth fairy a note?  Our second tooth fairy encounter was quite funny…my daughter got so excited that her tooth wiggled out, she swallowed it accidentally.  Ahhhh!!!  One call to the pediatrician later, I had a devastated little girl who was convinced the tooth fairy would not come because she didn’t have a tooth to leave under her pillow.

So, this mama went into problem solving mode and had her draw her tooth, cut it out of construction paper, and dictate a note to the Tooth Fairy explaining what had happened.  She was ecstatic the next morning when the tooth fairy still brought her a special treat.


What does your tooth fairy bring?  Any fun traditions?  Please share below!