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Reclaimed Wood Orange County

Last summer my husband and I did a little project and renovated our backyard.  One of the things we added is a concrete bench and fire pit, my new happy place.

When designing how we wanted it to look, I didn’t want the back of the bench to also be concrete given we were already pretty concrete-heavy in our design.  I have fallen in love with the modern rustic farmhouse design elements as of late so I wanted to pull in some wood to warm up our space.

Reclaimed Wood Orange County

I told my husband I wished we could find reclaimed wood somewhere in Orange County, but where? After some Google searching, he found a company called U.S. Reclaimed in Laguna Niguel that sells just that – reclaimed wood! Yippee!

One step into the giant U.S. Reclaimed warehouse and I swear I got goosebumps when I gazed at the fabulous pieces of beat up, character-rich wood.

No one piece the same as the next.


The company is owned by a guy named Ben and his darling wife. Ben asked us what we were doing and helped us pull different pieces to lay out together until we found the exact combination we wanted. Look at how GORGEOUS!

reclaimed wood bench

Ben shared that his company seeks out vintage structures, like barns, sawmills, etc. and will break them down carefully to reclaim the lumber for use in modern projects.  All of the lumber is at least 100 years old.

If those boards could talk…

reclaimed lumber

We found the perfect mix of 6 complementary boards and had them mounted on brackets to create a back for the bench. Every time I sit out there I notice new imperfections and marvel at the saw marks.

bench crop

We chose not to treat the wood because we wanted it to weather naturally and it has turned into a really pretty gray which blends in nicely with the concrete on the bench contrasts with the redwood on our back fence. Notice the saw marks…

reclaimed wood bench DIY

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

As we continued to work on the backyard, my husband built a new garden against our back wall. And a LOT of stucco. I thought it might be cool to do some of the U.S. Reclaimed thicker pieces and do hanging selvesto break up the sea of stucco and give the wall a little interest.

That, and I wanted an excuse to go back to U.S. Reclaimed again! Of course, Ben had the perfect materials for us. Now how was I going to choose?


Once again, he helped us find the right piece with the right character and dimensions and this is how the shelves turned out above our garden. Note: the garden itself is not made of reclaimed wood, just the floating shelves above.

reclaimed wood floating shelves

Look at the beautiful marks on the edge…

floating garden shelf

Thank you for letting me share our projects and my love for U.S. Reclaimed – your go-to spot for reclaimed wood in Orange County.

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The Rest Pillow Pair *Giveaway* Starts Today

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restlogo text

Does your sofa or bed need a little freshening up this spring?  What a BIG difference a few new, beautiful pillows can make.  Starting today over on Instagram, we have a fantastic giveaway (valued at $130) for this set of batik indigo cotton dyed pillows, compliments of The Rest Design.

It’s so easy…click over to Instagram, follow TinyOrangesOC and follow the directions to enter.  Seriously, it’s worth setting up an Instagram account if you don’t already have one!

Use the code TINYORANGES at checkout on their site and receive 25% off orders of 2 or more items!

Look at these beauties…they could be yours!  Good luck and have a great weekend…


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Cool Kids Decor

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Links to Land of Nod’s cool kids decor are affiliate links.

Home decor makes me happy. When I go into someone’s home and they have a beautifully decorated space, I take it all in, notice every detail and it truly inspires a feeling of happiness inside.

Since having kids I have now, of course, fallen in love with kids decor. The colors, the patterns, I love it all. One of my favorite stores for cool kids decor is The Land of Nod.

When I was on their site recently I spotted so many unique pieces – kids furniture ideas I have never seen before – which makes me think, “Ding! ding! ding! Blog post!”

So here it is, some of my recent cool kids decor finds on The Land of Nod.

Space Saving Wall Desk for Kids

Three Tiers Wall Desk (White/White) / Looking glass desk chair (azure)

I love this wall desk because of the smart use of space! Desks can be so bulky, especially in smaller kids rooms like we have.  I love it combines shelf space with desk space.

Three Tiers Wall Desk White

Cozy Reading Couch for Kids

As You Wish Upholstered Settee

Part couch, part oversized chair, they call it a settee – but I call it A-DORABLE!!!

As You Wish Upholestered Settee

You can pick from a ton of super gorgeous fabric patterns to match your nursery or playroom.

As You Wish Settee

Playful Bunk Beds 

The Terrace Bunk Bed looks like a child’s dream – super cozy and with scalloped edges that conjure up images of a little Juliet on the top bunk yelling down, “Oh Mommio-Mommio, where art thou Mommio? Bring thy a glass of water!”

Terrace Bunk Bed terrace-bunk-bed

Whitewash Kids Dresser

The Andersen 3-Drawer Dresser was a find because I love kids furniture that doesn’t look too kiddish. Does that make sense? I am a huge natural wood whitewash fan – looks modern but also with a cottage homey look. They also have a lot of other pieces in the Andersen line including twin beds, nightstands, bigger dressers and toddler rails.

Andersen 3 Dresser Drawer Whitewash

Modern Kids School Table

I will admit I went a little CRAY CRAY when I saw this find below!!! The New School Table with Bench can be pushed together with two to make this super cute double sided art/craft/homework space for kids or alone pushed up against a wall for a fun homework space.  new-family-1

New School Table With Bench

It’s official, I want to life in The Land of Nod. That’s all. Thanks for letting me share!

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How to Make a Cozy Guest Bedroom

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[Disclosure: I am a Serta brand ambassador and am compensated for my participation in the program and have received complimentary products for review. Links in this post to Amazon and Land of Nod are affiliate links that help support my blog. Thank you!]

‘Tis the season for holiday travels and for some that means house guests so today’s post is about how to make a cozy guest bedroom.

Let’s face it, comfortable accommodations can really make a difference in the quality of your trip. A cozy guest bedroom will be greatly appreciated by your guests and score you big points.

So whether you embrace your house guests or count the hours until your home is back to yourself, I hope these tips help make preparing for house guests just a tad more fun.

10 Tips on How to Make a Cozy Guest Bedroom

How to create a cozy guest bedroom

1. A Comfortable Mattress

A comfortable bed is the absolute most important part of a cozy guest bedroom, because who cares if there is a fresh flower on the night stand if your guests toss and turn on a saggy, old mattress all night?

A bad night’s sleep can ruin your whole day, so I suggest investing in a quality mattress for your guest bedroom so your guests can get a good night’s sleep.  You can find good mattresses for surprisingly affordable prices. Serta’s Perfect Sleeper mattresses are a great choice for guest room – the perfect mix of affordable and comfortable.

_sites_1_tagrem_serta_uploads_ProductImages_smart-surface-elite_newfoundbay-spt_500x351_8f9b48c2647d7b74fbd19fc26086fe5c I would recommend putting in the biggest size mattress that makes sense in the space, ideally a queen or larger, for the most comfortable sleeping conditions for couples. A larger size mattress in guest rooms can also come in handy for sleepovers with kids.

2. Cozy Bedding

To go along with a comfortable mattress, you also need comfortable bedding to go with.  I suggest placing two sleeping pillows per side, one soft and one firmer, as many people have a preference on the firmness of their pillow.

Then use really lovely, soft sheets. These sheets are my fave, have used them for years. So soft. Also add an extra Plush Blanket to the foot of the bed or store in the closet in case your guests get chilly.


3. Put Out Fresh Towels and Washcloths

I think it’s lovely to provide a set of two bath towels, a hand towel and one washcloth per guest. I like to lay the towels out on the bed so that the guest knows those specific towels are meant for them.

4. Welcome Guests With a Note [Free Printable]

People often feel like they are intruding when they come to stay in your home, and no one likes to feel like they are a burden.  Make your house guests feel comfortable by putting a little note on their towels, bed or night stand to let them know you are happy they are there.

You can click here to download and print some cute welcome notes for house guests.

free printable welcome notes for guests

5. A Place for Luggage

It is a pet peeve of mine to have to ruffle through a duffel bag or suitcase on the floor to find things, so give your guests a place for their bags, at a comfortable height.  An empty chair can work, and if you don’t have the space, consider purchasing an affordable folding luggage rack.

I like a Folding Luggage Rack with Shelf <- like this so guests can store two bags, or even shoes down below. A folding one is great so you can fold and keep against a wall or in a closet when not in use.


6. Dark Shades and Privacy

When I travel, I love how dark it can get in a hotel room, so in our guest room, my husband installed a Blackout Roller Shade in made-to-measure sizes so the room stays super dark. Now, the kids waking up at 7am in the next room is another issue, but at least they won’t be awakened by the morning light.

You also want to make sure your room offers privacy for changing, so blinds of some sort are a must!

7. Extra Toiletries

You know that feeling when you go to a hotel and realize you forgot your floss or toothpaste? I collect little travel size toiletries and other items for display when guests visit so they will not have to go without a moisturized hands or God forbid, brushed teeth!

toiletry products for house guests

8. Reading Material 

Sometimes it’s nice to read a new magazine before you go to bed, so I installed a cute book rack to hold magazines next to our guest bed. It’s actually a children’s book rack – but works great for magazines too!


The reading material can be switched out depending on who is coming to visit.

guest bedroom book rack

9. Nightstand Goodies

No, not those kind of nightstand goodies, I am talking about a fresh flower and bottle of water people. Hee hee…

I love cutting a fresh flower from the yard and placing a single stem in a vase by the bed.  It is also nice to leave a bottle of water as well as a little container or place for women to put their jewelry.


 10. Personal Photos 

If you have guests or family that come often to stay in your guest bedroom, I think it’s nice to put framed pictures of those guests in the guest bedroom.

I blew up two prints and made them black and white and framed to put on top of these glass bookcases of two favorite memories we have with my in-laws and sister-in-law, the people who stay in our guest bedroom the most often.

black and white photos And those are my top 10 tips on how to make a cozy guest bedroom.

I would love to hear your ideas on things you do to make your house guests feel comfortable? Please comment and tell us!

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Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

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Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Last year we had the opportunity to host Thanksgiving dinner at our home and the former wedding planner in me had just a tad bit of fun with the Thanksgiving decor – so I wanted to share some Thanksgiving decor ideas with you.

All the things I did were easy, and inexpensive, so if you are in the position to host Thanksgiving at your home this year, maybe some of these decor ideas might come in handy.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Banner 

If you search “Printable Thanksgiving Banner” on Pinterest, you will find a ton of cute ideas.  I found this free DIY printable Thanksgiving banner on

All you have to do is print the banner on white card stock, cut out the letters, and then I punched two holes in the top of each letter and strung them together with cooking twine.

My buffet in our dining room was a perfect place to hang.  On top of our buffet I used very cheap glass cylinders and alternated white pillar candles and stacked mini pumpkins.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Banner

Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor Ideas 

And then there comes the tabletop, which is my absolute favorite.  I opted not to use a tablecloth since my dining table is a very dark wood, and instead used a burlap runner I found at Michaels, along with fall-themed placemats I have had for a long time.

When cruising around Michaels, I got inspired when I saw these Wooden Plaques that looked like the real inside of a tree trunk! I am a fan of using multi-dimensional decor on tabletops, so I thought these would be the perfect way to add a bit of height and dimension.  In the store, there were a few different sizes, so I got a mix.

I also snatched up a pack of cute letter tiles that reminded me of Scrabble pieces to glue gun to the side of the wooden plaques with phrases like “Be Thankful” “Grateful” “Family”.

The rest of the Thanksgiving tabletop decor was a mix of gourds and mini pumpkins from our local grocery store, fall colored flowers and a collection of fall colored leaves my little ones helped me collect which I put in the bottom of the large votives.

I also picked up cheap mason jars from Michaels to use for vases because mason jars always remind me of fall.


Gourd Succulents 

And thanks to my handy hubby who loves to grow succulents, he hollowed out a selection of gourds and then planted mini succulents in them to all to the Thanksgiving tabletop.  It was also a great conversation piece!

Gourd Succulents

Pinecone Thanksgiving Place Cards 

And last but not least were the place cards.  When creating a tabletop design, I think it is really a thoughtful idea to make each person at the table feel special.  Each year I try to think of new ideas for Thanksgiving place cards and last year I decided to go with pinecones, because again, I was in love with the natural fall tabletop theme!

Have you heard of free photo editing site PicMonkey? [Affiliate links]

Well I am in LOVE and use it for most all of my graphics now. I use it all the time, so I have the Royale Membership, which is only $33 for the year, and gives you access to a ton of cool fonts, graphics and is ad-free.

But the main interface is FREE for anyone to use.

You can use it to edit photos or to create fun place cards like these for Thanksgiving….

pinecone place card Basically all you do is select “Create” and then 8 x 10, and it will give you a blank 8 x 10 canvas to work with.

The “T” to the left is for text -and you can chose from fun fonts.

I think it is cute to put “We are Thankful for…guest’s name” for the place card.

Then click on the Butterfly icon on the left, and scroll down to Nature to see all the fun graphics you can insert like leaves, twigs, trees, etc.

PicMonkey is really user friendly. I absolutely love it! And if you are a graphics lover or love playing around with photo editing, the Royale Membership is completely, totally worth every penny.

I printed my pinecone place cards out on card stock, cut out, and then glued to a natural color gift tag from Michaels, that I then tied to the pinecone with raffia ribbon.

I hope you found some fun Thanksgiving Decor Ideas here! Do you have any ideas to share? Please comment below!


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