Limeapple Active Wear Sets at Costco!

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Limeapple Costco

As a mom of two girls, I personally love the growing popularity of active wear lines. After all, “Strong is the new pretty” and I think that is a really powerful message for young girls. What I don’t love are some of the price tags that come along with some active wear lines which is why I am thrilled to share Limeapple active wear with you today AND a special Costco promotion they are running this month. For a steal.

See those four cute tank and capri sets above offered in girls’ sizes 6 – 14? In (Western U.S.) Costco stores now for a very limited time and also on Costco online they are selling for, are you ready…only $18.99! Ordering online? Shipping is free. Mommy like!

Limeapple Active Wear

Limeapple sent me a set for review and I tested it out on my SUPER active 3rd grader.

Give her a cute active wear set and a camera and she was on fire (below), and loves the pieces.

Note: She is a petite 8-year-old (51″ and 56 lbs) so the set she is wearing is actually a size 6. We also received a size 7, but it was too big on her.

Limeapple Costco

Limeapple also carries boutique pieces for school, active wear for weekends and afters school activities and also a darling swim line.

Mamas, if you have active girls stock up on these cute sets because I am telling you, the price is phenomenal for the quality and cute styles.

But you have to jump on this QUICK because they will only be available for this price at Costco through early May!

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How to Learn to Love Running

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how to learn to run I used to be a person who HATED running. Loathed it. Then about 8 months after I had my second baby, in my postpartum delirium, I decided I was going to start running and I signed up for a half marathon. 13.1 miles for someone who had never even ran one. Crazy. But I did it.

And you know what happened in the course of training for that? Over time I went from hating running to loving it. Something I never thought possible, never dreamed possible! In some ways changed my life.  Because if a person like me could learn how to love running? Well, then the sky is the limit!

How to learn to love running in 10 easy steps (pun intended)

(Of course, always check with your doctor before embarking on a new exercise plan!)


1. Get a good pair of running shoes

Before you do anything, the one investment you should make is a good pair of running shoes. I am a fan of Road Runner Sports in OC. They will do a full analysis on your feet and running stride to make sure you get in a pair of shoes best for you. Plus, you can test their running shoes for up to 90 days and return if you don’t like them. You need a good pair of shoes without question.

2. Get some good music

Music is essential. Load up your phone or iPod with a brand new running songs play list. Songs that make you want to dance or energize you. Ask friends for their recommendations.

3. Sign up for a race

This was also important for me, because if I didn’t have that half marathon looming over my head I would have quit in the beginning. It’s easy so easy to quit because the first few weeks suck. But if you can get over that hump, you will be SO happy you stuck with it.

Find a cause that is important to you, and sign up for their race. I don’t recommend starting with a half marathon! Start with a 5K, then build from there.  The race will be a kick in the butt to get going on some training.

For my Orange County friends, I just registered for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation Run/Walk on Sunday, March 29th in Irvine. Join me on TEAM GAVIN (click link, then click ‘Join Team’ at the top right) to participate in your first race and raise money and support pediatric cancer research.Going to be my 5th year doing this event. It’s awesome.

4. Tell people you are doing a race and ask friends to join you

Accountability is good. Once the cat is out of the bag you are going to do a race, you have to stick with it.  See if you can enlist some other friends to do it with you.

5. Download a training schedule then stick with it

You can go online and Google a ton of “Beginning 5K training schedules” and get a lot of different ones.  I have always used the Hal Higdon Training Plans.  When training, I try to do a minimum of 2 runs doing the week, then one long run on the weekend.

6. The first 6 – 8 runs are hard – don’t give up!

In the beginning, your body will not like it! I remember my side cramping, and feeling like I was going to throw up some days.

But when you keep running, your body will rise up to meet you, and you will be AMAZED at how quickly your body will assimilate and get stronger in a short amount of time.

If you have not been active, take your time to ease into it.  Start with regular walks, then work up to a slow jog.  If you are active, but not a runner, start with run/walks.

On my first run ever, I tried to run for 1 minute, then walked for 1 minute.  As I got better, I tried to run for the length of a song, then walked for a minute, then ran for a length of another song, etc. And pretty soon my need to walk went away, and I could run the entire workout.

And don’t worry about how slow you are!!! I am really slow – I don’t care – just the fact I am doing it is reason to celebrate!

7. Embrace the first “I didn’t actually HATE that” run!

After a few weeks, you will go on a run that makes you feel like, wow, I didn’t hate it! Then you get a little bit of a runner’s high knowing you achieved this and actually felt good on your run. Hang in there until you experience this run. After that, you will be hooked because you know it’s possible.  Every run will not be a good one, but just the fact that it is possible to have a run and feel good will keep you going.

8. Plan your runs for the week on Sunday nights

You have to schedule your runs like you would a doctor’s appointment. Find the best time of day to run for you (for me it’s first thing in the AM, otherwise I feel wiped out from the day if I do later) and schedule in your 2 -3 weekday runs and what day on the weekend you are going to do your long run.

Then, print out a training schedule calendar and write down your distances or for how long you are going to run on your calendar. Put that calendar up where you can see it, and check it off when you are done.

9. Be smart about hydration and nutrition 

Your body needs to be properly hydrated and fueled to run – make sure to do some research online about how much you should be drinking before, during and after, along with nutrition suggestions for the best pre and post workout foods.

10. Celebrate your first finished race!

Come race day, you will be so excited that you finished a race.  Nothing compares to the sheer joy and energy of doing a race.  The people, the excitement, it’s really something everyone in this lifetime should experience.  Then when you cross that finish line, you will feel SO GOOD. You did it!

Now, the only question left will be, what’s your next race?

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Get a Dailey Derriere This Year

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Dailey Method Newport  Beach Specials


OK ladies, who is ready to whip their booty into shape this year? I know I for one am amping up my fitness plan this week after my 6 week continuous Thanksgiving to New Year’s indulgences.

Time to get back to work, which is why I am excited to share The Dailey Method Newport Beach studio with you today.

The Dailey Method is a one-hour barre workout that combines elements of ballet, Pilates and yoga.  The workouts focus on proper alignment, small range of motion exercises with high repetitions to build muscle and stretching to shape and lean out the muscles.

In short, the types of exercises that build beautiful dancer bodies. Check out these Dailey Method Newport Beach specials and you will be on your way to earn a Dailey derriere

One Year Anniversary Party- January 10th

The Dailey Method Newport Beach will be offering FREE classes the weekend of January 10th and 11th, 2015 in celebration of their one year anniversary.

Classes are at 8:30am and 9:30am on Saturday and 9:30am and 4:00pm on Sunday, with an Anniversary Party following the second class on Saturday around 10:30am. All morning classes will have childcare available for $5/child. Advance sign-up required for class and childcare.

There will be food, drinks, a raffle with very generous prizes from local sponsors and opportunities to win free TDM classes.

Recruit a girlfriend to join you and sign up for a free class here! —-> CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

The Dailey Method Newport Beach Specials 

To help ring in 2015, TDM Newport Beach is offering some great specials this month to help kick start your fitness plan.

1. $125 for 6 weeks of unlimited classes for students new to TDM! First class must be taken by 1/31/15 and is only good for students new to The Dailey Method. Purchase this special in studio or on the website —> CLICK HERE to purchase.

2. Join their Core Membership in the month of January and get $50 off your second month. Core Membership is the most cost effective way to ‘Do It Dailey’ if you attend 3x a week or more! Core Membership rate is $175/month. See website for terms and conditions of the Core Membership.

Option to add unlimited childcare:

$40/month for one child
$60/month for two children
$80/month for three children


10% off all retail items!
Protection on your monthly rate
Free workshops, guided challenges and special classes throughout the year
No initiation fee

Purchase this special in studio or on the website —> CLICK HERE to purchase

Newport Beach Location Info (Childcare!!!) 


For moms with little ones, The Dailey Method offers onsite childcare in an adjacent room (additional rates apply) and a full service, beautiful locker room with showers.

For more information, visit:

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Moms In Training Program for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

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Moms in Training_1

I want to introduce you to an amazing group of women who are making a difference in our community – the newly launched Moms In Training program with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – a charity that has become very close to my heart.

What is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society?

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society exists to find cures and ensure access to treatments for all blood cancer patients…and is the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. LLS funds lifesaving blood cancer research around the world and provides free information and support services.

Personally, I have been part of the Team in Training family and an advocate of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society now for three running “seasons.”  Their dedication to finding a cure for all blood cancers and providing support to patients and families is invaluable.

What is Moms In Training?

This program was specifically created by LLS to recruit moms who are passionate about fighting blood cancers and saving lives. Moms In Training will get you ready to run or walk a 5K or 10k, and give you the opportunity to help raise money to fight cancer.  After starting Moms In Training in different areas around the country, LLS decided to launch this program in Orange County.

Moms In Training will provide the coaching, training tools, mentoring and support to prepare you for your event…and in return, each participating mama is asked to fundraise for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  You will be asked to commit to raising at least $500 by December 1st.  And don’t worry, Team in Training provides plenty of support, ideas, and motivation in your fundraising efforts (yes, I speak from experience)!

Upon registering, you will have up until October 25th to discontinue at no further fundraising obligation. Fun fact – the average mom has raised $1,500!

An Honored Hero

Every season, each Team in Training group chooses an honored hero…or sometimes, several honored heroes…to run in support of.  This season, the Orange County Moms In Training group will be running in honor of a local mama of two youngsters who was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in early 2013.  After fighting for her life and going into remission, she has recently relapsed.

As a fellow mom, I can only imagine the heartbreaking news and horror of getting a cancer diagnosis.  This is a way we can honor her bravery…and so many others who are battling this devastating disease.

Great Reasons to get Involved

– You’ll get in awesome shape and meet other moms (and kiddos) in your area!

– Run for a cause – you get to exercise with new friends in honor of an amazing cause – working to cure blood cancers.  In its inaugural year, more than 200 “MIT” team members raised over $375,000, and last year they raised over a million dollars!

– They know moms are very busy, so MIT offers an 8-week workout program on Saturday mornings @ 8am in Woodbridge Park in Irvine.  Get up bright and early for your workout!

– The training is from October 11th through December 6th – perfect timing to start walking and/or running – it’s finally cooling off!

– Finally, you get to celebrate the end of your Moms In Training program with a 5k or 10k run or walk at the Renegade Santa Run in Irvine on December 13th.  Mark your calendars!

Want to Sign Up?

To sign up, or to ask for more information, please contact Elise at 714.418.5618


You can also visit: 

A Tiny Oranges Discount

Moms In Training of Orange County has generously offered a registration discount to Tiny Oranges’ readers!  When you register, enter the coupon code – TINYORANGES – and it will reduce your registration fee to only $25 (that’s $75 off!)!

I hope you take advantage of this amazing experience – I can say that it has been life-changing for me!

GO TEAM!!!! 

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Fun Halloween Run for OC Families

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Halloween Terrifying Ten | Renegade Race Series Coupon Code


Renegade Race Series is hosting a special Halloween Terrifying Ten race for the whole family later this month at Salt Creek Beach and I have a Renegade Race Series coupon code to share with you today so you can register your family to join in the fun!

The Halloween Terrifying Ten race takes place on Sunday, October 26th, 2014 where participants can choose from a variety of race distances including a 10 miler, 10K, 5K and 1/2 mile Kids Run.

Runners and walkers will get to enjoy the spooktacular view along the Salt Creek Regional Corridor Path, one of my favorite trails in all of Orange County.

Along the course you will find ghosts and goblins, so don’t forget to dress up in your favorite Halloween or Super Hero costume to join the festivities.

To celebrate after your event, the All-Hallows Festival expo will include costume contests, pumpkin carving contests, a pumpkin patch, expo booths and more.

Race Events

Terrifying 10 Miler

The Terrifying 10 Miler is a a perfect distance to bridge up from 10K to a half marathon.  Runners will get to enjoy the amazing canyon and ocean views.

The course does have hills and incline, so yes, it might be just that, terrifying, however, when finished it will be a boo-tiful accomplishment!

Spooky 5K & 10K

The Spooky 5K & 10K will enjoy the same views as the 10 miler, but with of course, a slightly less terrifying distance.

Super Hero 1/2 Mile Kids Run

The Super Hero 1/2 Mile Kids Run is a 1/2 mile nearly flat run that will start and finish at the same point so parents can easily photograph their little super heroes at the start and finish line. The kids will receive a finisher’s medal and t-shirt.

The fun run is best for kids ages 4 – 11.

Renegade Race Series Coupon Code 

Use Renegade Race Series discount code TinyOranges10 to receive $5 off the 10 miler registration fee.  Use Renegade Race Series discount code TinyOranges to receive $3 off the 5K & 10K.

Such a Valuable Family Experience

If you have never done a race event like this with your family, I can’t more high recommend it. My kids love doing races. Receiving a medal at the finish line is quite a HUGE deal; along with the festivities to be found at the expo site. It is a great way to model your love and commitment to fitness and health and have the BEST time while doing it!

Hurry, only 1000 participants allowed, so register today!

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