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A Budget-Friendly Easter Tabletop

Easter Table Decor Ideas

Today I wanted to share some ideas on inexpensive Easter table decorations for anyone looking for ways to decorate this Easter, without breaking the bank.

This year I decided to do something a little different from the traditional all-pastels; sticking instead with neutrals, greenery, metallics, and some awesome glitter.

I went to my favorite budget-friendly home goods spots to do my Easter tabletop shopping - Ross, Hobby Lobby, and Goodwill. Yes, Goodwill!

Did you know that, in Orange County they get a lot of Target salvage?!  I will write a post all about that soon, and you might find yourself at Goodwill too.

DIY Easter Tablecloth


With the 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby, and some left over fabric, this textural tablecloth only ran me $4.00.

I folded the burlap in half for a thicker look, pinned it to my white fabric, and all you have to do is sew it up!

Happy Easter Garland

I used the leftover fabric to make a  garland, free-handing the light spring green sentiment.

happy easter garland inspired by pottery barn

Easy Easter Centerpiece Grouping

I had my little guys help me paint a former pink bunny white to go with my more neutral color palette and added some Target via Goodwill sparkly eggs into a glass candy jar for some glittery sparkle.

Inexpensive Easter Table Decorations

I used budget-friendly gold candle holders and placemats, plain white plates, and think as it get’s closer to the day, I’ll add some fresh flowers (instead of my semi-browned orchid) but untsil then, there you have it.

Although the table used mostly inexpensive Easter table decorations, the overall look is beautiful, proving you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a festive holiday tabletop.

Happy Easter to you and yours, Tiny Oranges readers!!

Fun Easter Bunny Traditions

Fun Easter Bunny Traditions

Hippity-hoppity…Easter is fast-approaching!  And now that we’re enjoying a beautiful spring, I want to share my fun Easter Bunny traditions with all of you.

Leave carrots for the bunny

Much like leaving out cookies for Santa, my kiddos like to leave out a plate of carrots for the bunny.  Our Easter Bunny tends to have a BIG appetite!  And that silly, messy bunny leaves a trail of half eaten carrots outside of my kids’ rooms, all the way to their Easter baskets.

The carrots with the long, leafy tops.  My kids think this is absolutely hysterical!

I also came across this adorable idea on Pinterest, from Bloom Designs – bunny bait!  Check it out…so cute!

There’s more than one type of egg…

There are TONS of fun ideas floating around, and our Easter Bunny leaves all sorts of fun treats in plastic eggs…and not always candy.

Some of my favorites that our Bunny has done (and I’ve heard about through other mama friends), include:

- Small puzzle pieces (one puzzle piece per egg…then they can put the puzzle together once the egg hunt is complete!)
- Kid-friendly Bible verses
- Stickers or temporary tattoos
- Goldfish crackers
- Little trinkets or play jewelry
- “Treasure” like good doubloons

Kali just wrote a great blog on Tiny Oranges about adorable Easter crafts, including decorative egg ideas – check it out!

Bunny tracks

Our Peter Cottontail sometimes leaves little hoppity paw print tracks (foot prints?) around the baskets he leaves for the kiddos…I think his “secret” is a little flour in the shape of his foot.

Warning – should you attempt, this is messy!

Plant “jelly bean seeds”

One of my mama friends just told me about this…have your kids “plant” jelly bean “seeds” outside.

When they start hunting for eggs the next morning, they’ll find that the jelly beans have sprouted into lollipops!  (Note-to-self – remember where kids planted the seeds!).

How cute is this?!  (Next note-to-self…I sincerely hope the birds don’t find these little lollipop treats as equally as yummy as my kids do…)

Follow the clues, follow the trail!

I’ve also heard of another cutie patootie idea – the Easter Bunny leaves clues…or trails…from the kids’ rooms to their baskets – this is great for kids who already know how to read.  It’s a fun basket “treasure” hunt.  The bunny could also use jelly beans, baby carrots, written clues with riddles for the kids to solve, plastic eggs…the possibilities are endless.

Bunny breakfast

What’s Easter morning, without a fun bunny breakfast?  Take a look at these two ideas I scouted out on Pinterest…pancake “bunnies”…and a super cute egg dish, with bacon.

Half Hour Meals – bunny pancakes with a healthy twist!

Worth Pinning – make your scrambled eggs and bacon into a super cute bunny shape!

 What are your favorite Easter Bunny traditions?  Any fun or cute ideas?  Please share below!

5 Easy Leprechaun Trap Ideas

Easy Leprechaun Trap Ideas

Top of the morning to you! Today’s post is on easy leprechaun trap ideas. Emphasis on easy. Well, maybe not easy, but doable!

I searched on Pinterest for leprechaun trap ideas that seemed like any family could make. The last thing anyone needs is a Pinterest fail on a trap project.

I was happy to find five easy leprechaun trap ideas that hopefully can be deemed a Pinterest success.

Here are the five ideas, numbered in graphic above along with the how to’s.

1. Rainbow Canister Leprechaun Trap 

This cute rainbow canister leprechaun trap is easy enough for little ones to make and uses materials you might even have lying around the house. I especially love the coffee filters that are used to make the “cloud” on the end.

Click here for the how to.

2. LEGO Leprechaun Trap

I thought this LEGO leprechaun trap would be a cute project for any kids who love LEGOS.  The green stairs make a fun assembly project, and you can do any of a number of different things to use as bait at the top. Plus, gotta love the simplicity of a box decorated with a hole cut out!

Click here for the how to.

3. Popsicle Stick Leprechaun Trap 

This colored popsicle stick leprechaun trap would be right up my daughter’s alley. Anything rainbow colored makes her eyes twinkle.  The craft includes assembling your own popsicle stick box, and filling with tempting leprechaun treats.

Click here for the how to.

4.  Canister Ladder Leprechaun Trap 

This easy canister ladder leprechaun trap can be made using many things you likely already have …oatmeal canisters, coffee canister, etc.  The popsicle stick ladder can be assembled easily by the kids and then any number of items can be used for the bait that can be hung from the stick on top, but I loved that they used a piece of rock spray painted gold.

 Click here for the how to.

5. Rainbow Restaurant Leprechaun Trap 

The Rainbow Restaurant Leprechaun Trap was made by yours truly, a family project for my daughter’s 1st grade class last year. We assembled a “restaurant” out of a cardboard box, the kids painted it green, and then my daughter decorated the outside with rainbows and cut outs from a Lucky Charm box. Inside we had a little cardboard table with a bowl of Lucky Charms and a cup on a string above to use as the trap.

Click here for the how to.

Happy trapping mamas! Have any fun ideas to share? Please comment below!

You’ve Made Your Mark on Me

Paint Sample Bookmark Valentines

Yet another completely adorable idea from my friend Sammie (who also came up with this melted heart crayon valentine) – paint sample bookmark valentines! Talk about an inexpensive classroom valentine idea.

Plus, I love a good pun like…

Valentine, You’ve Made Your Mark on Me!

Love it!

Okay, here’s the super easy how to make a paint sample bookmark valentine:

* Acquire paint samples from your favorite local store.

* Cut the paint names off of one side and the number off of the other side.

* Use a Heart Punch like this (affiliate link) and a hole punch at the top and finished it with a 6 inch piece of ribbon.

This idea certainly made a mark on me. Thanks Sammie for sharing!

A Cute Valentine’s Day Craft for Little Ones

Valentine's Day Craft for Little Ones

With Valentine’s Day about a month away, I’m already brainstorming fun projects to do with my kids – especially since this year, we will be giving homemade gifts to teachers, grandparents, and of course, friends and classmates.  So, here is a cute Valentine’s Day craft for little ones – the first of of many we will be making over the next few weeks.

I’m known for many things…but being super “arts and crafty” is not one of them – ha ha!  I’m all about easy (and cute!) crafts to make with my munchkins.  Who’s with me?!

That’s why I love this project- and so do my kids.  One of our favorite quotes to say to each other  is, “I love you to the moon and back.”  So I thought, why not make this into an easy craft for the kiddos?

Supplies needed:

- Red and yellow construction paper (pink too, if you want)

- A piece of white construction or blank computer paper

- A marker (I used black, but the color is up to you) and a pencil

- A glue stick or Elmer’s glue

- Valentine’s stickers are optional

- A 8×10 picture frame (The Dollar Store, Target or Walmart has some nice frames for relatively inexpensive) – I picked a black frame, but the color is your choice.

I Love You to the Moon and Back Tear Art Craft

1.  Cut your piece of white background paper to fit the size of your frame.  Then, write the “I,” in marker (or “We” if you’re talking about multiple kiddos), then trace a heart shape with the pencil. (Keep in mind, your older children can do the writing.  I was writing to help my three-year-old.)

2. Next line – with your marker, write “you to the”

3. Third line, trace a crescent moon shape with your pencil.

4. Fourth line, write “and back!” with your marker.

5. Now, have your kiddo tear the red (and/or pink) construction paper into tiny pieces for the heart (bonus - work those fine motor skills!).  Same goes for the yellow construction paper for the moon.

6. Then have your child smear their glue stick in the traced heart and moon shape, and have them glue their tiny colored pieces inside the shapes.

7. If your kids want, have them add heart stickers…or any Valentine stickers you have on hand, to beautify or bedazzle the finished product!

8. Slip it into your chosen picture frame, and voila!  A cute, simple Valentine’s Day gift!

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day crafts to make?
Any cute homemade gift ideas? Please share below!