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Holiday Gift Idea for Your Girlies

Holiday Gift Ideas for Older Girls

Recently my dear friend from college, Tara, Stella & Dot Stylist extraordinaire, sent my girls this super cute Poppy Bracelet Set from the Stella & Dot Girls’ Collection as a thank you for the hand me down clothes we passed on to her little daughter.

I think at some point I had heard that Stella & Dot had jewelry for girls, but I had never seen any before.  The bracelets are adorable, which is why I wanted to share in case you are looking for holiday gift ideas for older girls this holiday season.

Gift Ideas for Older Girls

There comes a point when girls outgrow the toy stage in giving gifts, which can leave some people pondering what to get older girls, which usually comes down to art or craft supplies, books, clothes or accessories.

I love the idea of special jewelry pieces for girls as gifts, especially since many of their gifts can be personalized to fit the girl’s style or passions, like their charm initials and birthstone charms.

Making a personalized charm necklace with the girl’s charm initial and birthstone would make a darling gift.  I vividly remember thinking my birthstone was SO cool when I was younger!

I also love that this is affordable jewelry for young girls, which means it would also make a cute gift for BFF’s to give each other. Click on over and browse around Tara’s site to see if anything catches your eye and I hope you have enjoyed these holiday gift ideas for older girls!

Tara Anderson is a Stella & Dot Stylist and the above links go to her individual site

A Girl’s Best Friend

Where to sell jewelry in Orange County

This post is on a fabulous boutique custom jeweler in Newport Beach for anyone looking for where to sell jewelry in Orange County. Most importantly, where can you find someone you trust to sell or trade in your old jewelry in Orange County? In which case, I have just the company for you!

Bruce from Gramercy Gifts helped my husband and I with a new wedding ring setting for our 10 year anniversary a couple years ago. Here is a post on what he created for us.

He is a custom Orange County jeweler, which means you bring him your design ideas, and he will collaborate with you to create it.

Recently I received a newsletter from Bruce that said, “Could you be sitting on a gold mine?” and I had to share the information with you.

In the newsletter, Bruce shared it is common for many people to go through their jewelry boxes and find older rings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, chains and gold, silver or platinum jewelry they never wear.

These items could have considerable value that could be used towards a new, more modern piece, you will wear and love.  He has actually had cases where the credit will cover the entire cost of the new piece.

You can call him at 949-999-3314 to set up an appointment.  When you come in, he will sit with you and discuss options for what pieces you want to sell, what could be used towards a credit, or if you want to take an older piece and make it into a new one (like I did.)

When looking for where to sell jewelry in Orange County, Bruce is an amazing, trusted jeweler who has been in the business for over 40 years. My husband and I had the best experience working with him. He is professional, trustworthy and a no-pressure kind of individual. Just our style!

[Disclosure: Gramercy Gifts is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor.]

Summer Giveaway From Gorjana & Griffin

Summer Giveaway From Gorjana & Griffin 

Summer is in full swing and today we’re celebrating in a big way, with a summer accessory giveaway from Tiny Oranges Sponsor, Gorjana & Griffin. If you haven’t heard of this popular accessory line you’re in for such a treat!

ggInsider Program 

Gorjana & Griffin is locally based in Laguna Beach and offers a line of accessories that are both easy to wear and effortlessly stylish. Everything in their 2013 summer collection, from the leather sandals to the fashionable beach totes, seems to be the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Luckily for us (and our wallets), Gorjana & Griffin just launched their ggInsider Program so you don’t have to feel guilty about getting one of each.

Sign up for the ggInsider Program and receive 20% off your first purchase and for every $150 you spend you’ll receive $25 towards your next purchase.

As an east coast girl now living on the west coast, I love how Gorjana & Griffin’s designs naturally reflect a west coast lifestyle with the simplicity and polish of the east coast.

More importantly, as a busy parent who needs to get out of the house in a comfortable outfit that still looks (somewhat) pulled together I love how Gorjana & Griffin offers me just the right options!

About Gorjana & Griffin 

If you love a good, local start-up story, Gorjana & Griffin has that too.

The company was born in 2004 out of a love for designing jewelry and has grown in leaps and bounds ever since. Like most new businesses the success didn’t happen overnight, but instead came about over time stemming from high quality design, excellent customer relations and a “never give up” attitude.

The wholesale and retail business, led by husband and wife team Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel, now employs more than 40 people, manages all production operations in-house from their 6,000 square foot Laguna Beach studio, and consistently lands on the top of fashion editors “best of” lists.

At Gorjana & Griffin they believe that it is just as important to give back as it is to continue to grow, that’s why in 2012 they established the Gorjana & Griffin Charitable Foundation. The intention is to inspire others, help causes and make a difference in the world. The first event was hosted in Spring 2012 and benefited CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County), as part of a recent $50,000 pledge made to benefit children with cancer. Now, that’s inspiring!

Hooray! It’s a Tiny Giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive one hampton scarf and one 3 disc necklace courtesy of  Gorjana & Griffin. Winner will be chosen on Friday, July 19. No purchase necessary to win. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[Disclosure: We are proud to call Gorjana & Griffin a new Tiny Oranges Sponsor. We hope you enjoy their beautiful line of accessories as much as we do.]

Olive Bungalow’s Customized Jewelry Giveaway

Becoming a mother is sheer magic.  When my oldest, Sadie was born I was immediately filled with a whole new kind of love.  And when Lyla followed 2 years later, I swear my heart grew bigger.  It’s fun to find a piece of jewelry to celebrate the special mother/child relationship which is why I’m thrilled to be sharing with you a customized jewelry giveaway from Olive Bungalow along with promo code “TinyOranges15″ for 15% off  when placing your order before November 23, 2012.

Be sure to stay tuned to the bottom of this post to enter for your chance to win a $100 gift card to Olive Bungalow!

Michele, Olive Bungalow creator, started her career as a gold/silversmith 12 years ago from her home in Arizona.  All of her jewelry is handcrafted in the USA using eco-friendly gold and silver and conflict-free diamonds.  She takes custom orders and guarantees her high quality workmanship.

Her  “Customize It” stack rings are a fave with her mommy clientele.

I’ve always loved the idea of stackable birth month gemstone rings using my daughters birthstones (and my own).

Olive Bungalow’s site has an awesome birthstone guide to help you pick your month and learn a bit about the meaning behind the stone.  A ring with our birthstones would mean harmony, healing and strength- I like that!

She also offers engraving on the inside of the ring.  What a lovely touch to have your child’s name on the inside of their birthstone ring.  And the nice thing about the stackable version is you can start with your first child and simply add a ring each time you pop another one out!  What a perfect push present!

Or if you prefer something closer to your heart, she has a selection of the circle initial pendants and earthy 
initialed pebble-like charms

She has so many beautiful, nature inspired modern pieces, I found myself getting lost on her site.  Her Chunky Heart Ring is so sweet – I love the rose gold version.  Wouldn’t it make an adorable special daddy/daughter holiday gift?

Grandmother gift idea for the holidays!  The Gemstone Drop Pendant with the their grandchildren’s birthstones would be sure to make her smile this Holiday Season.


I think the Modern Leaf Earrings in Black Onyx  are stunning and versatile!  They’d look awesome with a pair of jeans and a tee or with a little black cocktail dress.


As for myself, I can’t decide between the Diamond Satin Stack Ring or the Rustic Gold Hammered Stacking Ring but I’m hitting up Santa for one of them!  I’ve been wanting a simple pointer finger ring and I think either of these would do the trick!

Seriously, Santa, I’ve been sooo good this year.

What are your favorite Olive Bungalow Designs?

Be sure to get your order in before Sunday December 9th to ensure it makes it in Santa’s sleigh!

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{Disclosure:  Olive Bungalow is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor we are thrilled to be able to share with you about their quality handcrafted jewelry as you’re writing up your Holiday Lists!}

How to Trade In or Sell a Diamond

Have you ever wondered how it works to trade in or sell a diamond?

I spoke with Bruce Lambert of Gramercy Gifts, a trusted family jeweler in Newport Beach, and he told me all about the process. It really is fascinating! If you want to explore trading in or selling a diamond in Orange County, consider Bruce to be your go-to guy.

Life scenarios that involve trading in or selling a diamond can be due to either happy or not so happy events.  Let’s start with the happy first!

How to trade in a diamond

Many couples find themselves in a stronger financial situation a few years into a marriage than they were when they first got engaged and married, so the time may come when you might want to trade in your diamond for a larger or better quality one. Bruce explained the process this way.

Let’s say you want to trade your 3/4 carat for a 1.5 or 2 carat stone (lucky you!) You should be able to take your diamond to a trusted jeweler (trusted being the key word – someone you are truly comfortable with) and trade it toward a new one, sort of like trading in a car – only a lot more fun! 

Or, you may be able to leave it on consignment, where you agree to a price and then when the diamond is sold, you can use that amount toward the purchase of a new diamond. This alternative may take longer (maybe only a week or two but sometimes several weeks or months) and leave you without a diamond ring in the meantime, but if you have the time, this way should give you a positive price advantage.

How to sell a diamond 

Diamond sales can sometimes involve not so happy events. People might be getting divorced or find themselves in a situation where they need money. Sometimes diamond sales involve an inheritance where the diamond is not needed, and the people prefer to sell it and use the money towards other things. Whatever the case, there are two ways how to go about selling a diamond.

1. Consignment

A trusted jeweler should be able to take your diamond and sell it on consignment. After the diamond is evaluated, an agreement is drafted with a written agreed upon price and payment that is to be issued at the time of sale. The jeweler is then able to contact people who might be presently looking for such a diamond or have the diamond in inventory for when the right client comes along.

The benefit of selling a diamond on consignment is that typically the seller will get a better price for their diamond. The con of consignment is that the process can take longer, sometimes up to several months. If people do not need the money right away, this may be a better way to go.

 2. Immediate Diamond Sale to Industry 

If people need the money right away, a jeweler can take the diamond and purchase or sell it to the diamond industry and you should get your money within a couple days.

The downside to this is you will get on average 20-30% less than selling your diamond on consignment. The pro is that you don’t have to wait to get cash in hand and it is a sure sale, completed. Depending on your situation, this might be an advantageous way to go.

Most importantly, work with a jeweler you trust!

It is very important whenever you are considering trading in or selling a diamond, that you work with a jeweler you trust. Large, national stores cannot always provide the same relationship that a family/community jeweler like Bruce of Gramercy Gifts can.

Bruce has raised three daughters in Orange County, and is now a proud grandpa who has lived and worked in Newport Beach for over 35 years. To know you are working with someone who has been an active, trusted member of the community is priceless (and important.)

Bruce designed the most gorgeous new setting for my wedding ring last year.  Working with him was so pleasant and easy. I loved the personal attention he is able to provide his clients being an appointment-only jeweler.

It also felt good knowing that we were working with someone that came highly recommended and someone we knew we could trust.

Speaking of which, the holidays are coming up! Feel free to *accidentally* send this post to your hubby in case you are hoping for something sparkly under the tree this year. Bruce can custom design any piece sure to delight any OC mom!

Do you have any more questions for Bruce on this topic? Feel free to comment below…

[Disclosure: Gramercy Gifts is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor]