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We have a fresh new look…

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In honor of Tiny Oranges’ SIXTH birthday this month, I thought it was a great time to freshen up the site with a juicy new look and tag line,

“inspiring moms with juicy ideas for sweeter family living”

…what do you think?!

Bear with us as we inevitably have to work out some kinks in the next day or so (and if you find some, please comment on this post and let us know!)

Thank you to everyone taking the time to read this post.

I am anxious to hear your thoughts!

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“I love my body.”

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Ha! Made you look. Right?

Just typing that title made me think how incredibly rare it is to hear a woman say those four simple words, “I love my body.”

Compliment a woman on her body and she will likely point out her flaws, sheepishly, instead of owning it.

We are so accustomed to trying to live up to certain unattainable societal images that it becomes second nature to look at our bodies and focus on the negative.

When will we learn to look at our bodies and embrace the positive?

I saw this clip shared on Facebook via Upworthy featuring a model on Ellen responding to people who called her “fat” and her response is revolutionary.


End applause.

Say It With Me, “I Love My Body!!” 

I have started saying those words to myself when a self-criticism of my body creeps into my head, and like Robyn Lawley says, it really does work.

The more you say it, the more you start to believe it. When you believe it, your whole attitude and outlook will change.

Try it.

My body is not perfect, but it is healthy and strong and allows me to do awesome things, so yes, I DO love my body.

It is a much better use of energy to focus on this realization vs. the 5 pounds I want to get off.


Do It For Our Daughters

Moms, don’t you want your daughters to grow up with a positive body image versus the alternative? I sure do.

We are in a pretty powerful and somewhat frighteningly influential position.

I think if we as moms can get to a place where we can say, “I love my body”, that attitude can’t help but rub off on our daughters as they learn, like mom, to LOVE their bodies. I think Robyn Lawley could change the world.

What is your reaction to this video? Please share your comments below.

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Let’s Talk About Sex

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 This is a compensated post written by me on behalf of Sony Pictures. 


Let’s talk about sex.

This is not a topic I normally talk about on my blog, but after seeing the trailer for a hilarious movie called Sex Tape coming to theaters this month, I had to write about it because most of us married with children people will be able to relate. Big time.

The movie is about a couple, Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) who have been married for ten years, two kids, are still very much in love, but well, the passion of the early days has cooled off. In an attempt to bring back the heat to their marriage, they decide to make a sex tape, and the private video is accidentally, shared. Oh, the horror!

You just have to watch the trailer, you will laugh out loud.

Keeping the Passion Alive After Children 

The moment you have children, or actually, the moment you find out you are pregnant, your sex life changes. Dramatically.

I love it in the movie when Annie says, “How the hell do you get it back?” Because I am sure most moms have wondered that exact same thing.

But you can, I am telling you, you can, it just takes a little work.

Now, my husband and I would never be so brave as to make a sex tape like Annie and Jay. Mostly because I would be paranoid about the possibility of it getting viewed by the wrong people (which is why this movie is so funny to me).  But there are some simple ways you can spice things up in your own love life and bring back some of the heat to your marriage.

My Top 5 Tips to Gettin’ It On, Parent Style

In the movie Annie is a successful mommy blogger (LOVE IT) and I felt very honored to be invited to write a guest post on this very topic on Annie’s blog, Who’s Yo Mommy.

Click here to visit Annie’s blog, and look for my guest post on my top 5 Tips to Gettin’ It On, Parent Style.

What do you think?

Do you have any tips on keeping the passion alive after children? Please share in the comments below!

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My Summer Incentive System

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My Summer Incentive System for Kids

I just finished the first full week of summer with both girls home and out of school, and we had a really pleasant week. In summer’s past, this has not always been the case, which is why I am thrilled to pieces at the splendor of what some rainbow popsicle sticks can do.

I attribute the first week success to my new summer incentive system to inspire behaviors that make them nice humans to be around.

And it worked! Well. Which is why I am sharing with you today.

Over the years I have done a variety of things to try to achieve the same result, but nothing has ever worked quite as well as this system. Here’s how it goes…

Supplies needed: 

~ Two vases or clear bowls or really anything that kids can put stuff in.

~ Something to put in them as a token of a good behavior : in my case, rainbow popsicle sticks. You can also use coins, marbles, beads, anything.  But they really like the popsicle sticks.

~ Display in an area of the house where they spend the most time.

Our Summer Incentive System:

1. Each child starts with the same number of sticks.

I started with 20, which I placed in a pile in front of the vases. To keep them separate, I put an orange or white rubber band around them, one color for each girl.

2. A child earns a stick when they exhibit positive behaviors.

Things like playing nicely together, sharing, cleaning up without complaining, helping, generally those sweet behaviors I want to reward.

3. Popsicle sticks can also be lost (or taken out).

If it is an egregious behavior, they will lose a stick immediately. Like my oldest talked to me in a sassy, disrespectful voice and lost a stick immediately. No warning. NOT okay.

But for most everything else, they will be given a warning before losing it. For example, say a bickering episode starts within a game of Barbies, they both want the same Barbie and keep on whining and fighting over it. I could say, “You both have a warning. There are two choices. You can chose to work it out or separate and play something on your own.” Hopefully they work it out, but if they fighting continues, they both lose a stick.

4. When they earn all 20 of their sticks in the vase, they are given a small reward.  I am going to increase the number of sticks each time we start over because it only took 5 days to earn the reward. That’s a lot of rewards.

For the reward, we are talking small things they helped me come up with. My little one wants a frozen yogurt trip (don’t tell her we would have gone anyway), and my oldest wants an hour with me playing Barbies with them (sad!! Note to self…)

I think I will come up with a bigger reward for the last week of summer to celebrate all the sticks they earned over the past couple months.

Random Rules:

1. They may not take a stick without a parent telling them to do so.

2. There is one way to earn an automatic stick: making their beds when they get up. So they can get up, make their bed, and come out and get the stick on their own.

3. If you ask for a stick, you automatically don’t get it. “Mom! I cleaned up my clothes on the floor! Can I get a stick?” NO! I don’t want them to get used to just doing things they normally should just to earn a stick.

4. I told them I am keeping track, and counting them (I’m not), and if I notice there are extra sticks that they did not earn in there, they will lose all the sticks and start over (serious!!)


The Beauty of It All

They are competitive with each other, so if one makes their bed, you better bet the other one will too, lest they have one less stick. They have been tied neck in neck the entire week. Or, for one to lose a stick is a big deal because again, that means the other one will be ahead.

Love This 

Emma said, “Morgan you can play Barbies with us when I win my reward.” And then Morgan said, “Emma you can go to frozen yogurt with us when I win.”

I gave them both a stick.

Do you have a system that works for you? Please share!

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Kids’ Birthday Parties: The Gray Areas

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Recently we shared a post on our Facebook page that got a ton of comments and shares and I could just hear moms everywhere yelling “Amen sister!”  On that note, we have some really good stuff we share on our Facebook page, if you don’t follow, please click here to like us. I think you will be happy you did.

The post was from a blogger called Scary Mommy (she’s hilarious – highly recommend following if you don’t already) with an attempt to unite moms across America to end the birthday party favor tradition for kids.

I am so on board.

Nothing bugs me more than cheap trinkets cluttering our house, and once the kids leave the party, they likely never touch them again. I would rather the host save their money. Isn’t the party enough for the kids?

Her post got me thinking about another pet peeve of mine regarding kids’ birthday parties and it has to do with what are often two gray areas: are siblings welcome or is it a drop off party?

When kids are little, typically birthday parties are a family affair. But when they get older, some parties start to become “drop off” parties where parents drop the kids and pick them up after.  In my experience, with girls, the drop off phenomenon tends to start around 5 – 6 +.

So I am in the “is it drop off or not?” phase with both of my girls now.  And lots of time it is unclear.

Can you help a mother out? 

On your birthday party invites or evites, or even in a separate email, can you make it clear if it is a drop off party or not?

If it is a drop off party, that’s easy, and I don’t have to worry about my other daughter. Taking that a step further, if it is not a drop off party, can I bring my other child or should I make other arrangements for her?

Tell me what you prefer! 

When it has been unclear, I have asked the hostess if it is drop off or if moms are staying and, being the super sweet moms they are, I have heard, “You are welcome to either drop or stay!”

Which is so nice, but what I really want to know is what YOU want me to do! Do you prefer to have parents there to watch over their kids or you would prefer to not have moms standing around?

Here’s the thing: I will do whatever you want. I just need to know.

Invitation wording: give it to me straight!  

Lately I have gotten a few birthday party invitations where the hostess flat out says, “So sorry – no siblings.” And to that, I say, “THANK YOU!” I won’t bring her! No offense taken here – would you agree? Or would you be offended if you saw this?

So it can be as simple as staying “Siblings welcome!” or “Sorry – no siblings.” Either one does the job.

Same with the drop off part.

It can be as simple as stating, “Drop off party” at the bottom of the invite, or including it in the invitation wording, “Please drop off your child at 11:30am and pick up at 1:30pm.”

Or, on the invitation, you can address it to the “Scheumann family”, which would tell me that the party is a family affair and we should plan on staying.

Or, address the invitation using both of my children’s names so that I know they are both included. Which, typically means I should stay too, unless otherwise noted.

Tell me your thoughts! 

I would love to hear what you all think about this topic. Are you offended if someone says, “No siblings?” How do you feel about drop off parties? What do you do if it is a gray area? Please comment…

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