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Serta iComfort Blogger Experience

Your iComfort Questions ~ Answered

Disclosure: I am a part of the Serta blogger program to help educate people on their iComfort products and received a complimentary mattress to facilitate firsthand reviews. All opinions on the iComfort are 100% honest, and my own! 


I have been blogging about our fabulous Serta iComfort mattress for over 2 1/2 years now. As a result, the other day I was looking at my Google Analytics and realized there there were a lot of iComfort questions that landed on my blog. Some of these questions I have addressed, but others I haven’t, so I wanted to do a post on iComfort FAQs and answers to questions people want to know about this mattress.

This post is based on my own personal experience sleeping on our iComfort Prodigy mattress as well as answers that can be found on the Serta Ask the Experts FAQs page.

If you have any other questions not mentioned in this blog, please feel free to leave a comment or email me (Jennifer)! Here were the top questions:

Does the iComfort bed sleep hot? 

I have talked about this topic a lot, and addressed it in this recent video as well. In my opinion, our iComfort mattress does not sleep hot, at all.  My husband is a very warm sleeper and he has had no problems sleeping hot on our iComfort. Their Cool Action Memory Foam is designed to let the memory foam breathe, so heat does not get trapped.

Is there an iComfort Break In Period?

With our iComfort, there was no break in period. It was as comfortable the first night as it still is 2 1/2 years later. Of course, it does take a little time to get used to sleeping on a new type of mattress, but we only noticed beneficial differences right out of the gate.

Do you have to flip the iComfort mattress?

No, it is a single sided mattress.

Can you wash the iComfort mattress cover? 

No, the cover is not meant to be removed and washed. From night one, you should use a mattress protector to protect your mattress.

iComfort Reinvention Review 

There are newer models that hit the floors last summer, called iComfort Directions. The iComfort Directions models have four new and exclusive features you can read about here on the Serta website.

My husband and I sleep on the original iComfort. We have the iComfort Prodigy model and love, love, love. it. Click here and here for my past iComfort Prodigy mattress reviews.

Split King vs. King for Serta Adjustable Base?

We have a king mattress (one mattress) we use with the Motion Perfect Adjustable Foundation. If you want to know what I think about our adjustable base, click here. Best invention ever.

Our king base is split, our mattress is not. There is also the option with the king base to purchase 2 Twin XL mattresses to push together on separate bases. With one mattress, you have to use the bases together (either both elevated or not) at the same time. With separate twin mattresses, you are able to operate each base and mattresses individually.

In my opinion, I prefer the king mattress (one king mattress.) My husband and I use the base together. We are both either reading and watching TV at the same time with it elevated or we are sleeping at the same time.  If you think you would want to use the base/beds separately at different times (i.e. one person would be reading elevated while the other is sleeping) the 2 Twin XL might be a good option. You just have to ask yourself how you see yourself using the adjustable base.

Can you attach a headboard with the iComfort Adjustable Base? 

Yes, there are headboard brackets made specific for each iComfort model. We use a headboard with our iComfort Adjustable Base.

Can you use a bedskirt with the iComfort Adjustable Base?

You can, but the bed skirt can and will move when you adjust the base, so it will have to be readjusted. We don’t use a bedskirt with our adjustable base. If we decided to in the future, I would probably opt to get one custom fit, as it is not a standard type of mattress base.

Is iComfort worth it? 

I love this question, because I understand it. An iComfort mattress is an investment, because it is a really high quality mattress. But when you think about how long you can sleep on a mattress if you take care of it (sometimes up to 10+ years), and look at how much TIME you spend IN your bed (like a third of your life!), then YES, it is absolutely worth it!  I didn’t pay for our mattress, which is something I am very grateful for, but now that I have the experience sleeping on Serta’s iComfort memory foam, if we were in the position to have to purchase a new bed in the future, I would definitely save my money and would purchase this bed over again, because YES, it is sooooooo worth it.

Again, please feel free to email me or comment with additional questions!

Memory Foam Mattress Myths

This video is all about memory foam mattress myths and the misconceptions people can have about memory foam beds.  We “bust that myth” by featuring three common memory foam mattress myths based on our experience sleeping on our iComfort Sleep System by Serta memory foam mattress.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, please click here to check out another video on Mattress Shopping Tips.

And I have some…

…E X C I T I N G    N E W S !  !  ! 

Coming up later this month Serta is providing an iComfort mattress by Serta (up to $5,000 retail value!) to GIVEAWAY (woooooo hoooooo!) so you will want to watch this video and find out more about the blissful mattress you might be sleeping on come 2014!

Stay tuned and thanks for watching…

Disclosure: I am a part of the Serta blogger program and received our mattress complimentary to facilitate firsthand reviews, blogs and videos. All opinions are 100% my honest, genuine ones. And they are all my own. I am also compensated for my time and participation in the program. I love working with Serta. Amazing company with amazing products.

Video: Mattress Shopping Tips

This video is all about how to shop for a mattress by yours truly, where I include mattress shopping tips from personal experience, as well as professional tips from Jesus Ruiz, a sleep specialist at Friedmans Appliance Center in Long Beach.

Shopping for a mattress can be overwhelming. There are so many choices, types, and price points. It can be hard to know where to start.

I hope my video gives you some good ideas on how to go about shopping for a mattress. You can also find more mattress shopping tips on the Serta website.

Once you actually get into the store to start your shopping, it can actually be a lot of fun. Hope you can appreciate my attempt at humor, Jesus was a very good sport!

[Disclosure: I am a part of the Serta blogger and have received complimentary mattresses to facilitate my reviews as well as compensation for my time and participation. All opinions are 100% my own!]

Sweet Serta Sale

Serta Labor Day Sale

I wanted to share this sweet Serta Labor Day sale going on this weekend for anyone in the market to buy a new mattress! I am proud Serta brand ambassador and have been fortunate enough to receive complimentary mattresses for my family which we have been sleeping on blissfully for the past two years.

My husband and I sleep on the iComfort Prodigy with Motion Perfect Adjustable Base. Love it [cue angels singing.]

Both my girls sleep on the iSeries Merit hybrid mattress. Love them [cue children's choir.]

If you have been thinking of starting to mattress shop, now is a great time to go into a store and hit the Serta Labor Day Sale going on this weekend!

The sale includes a free boxspring with the purchase of an iComfort or iSeries mattress.

Or, if you are considering the adjustable base (and this is not your grandma’s adjustable bed – let me tell you!), you can save up to $1000 on a Serta adjustable foundation with a qualified iComfort or iSeries mattress purchase.

Now is also a great time to shop for a new Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress with their Hot Buy event going on for a limited time, including prices starting as low as $299 for a queen size Perfect Sleeper mattress.

Check your local Serta retailer for details on the Serta Labor Day sales events.

There is a great tool on the Serta site that asks you a series of questions to help you determine what is the right mattress for you?

But, nothing is better than going into the store yourself and trying out several different mattresses by doing a “rest test” and actually laying down on a variety of mattresses because comfort is subjective and differs from person to person.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! My oldest starts second grade on Tuesday, can’t believe it. Fastest summer on record!

[Disclosure: I am a part of the Serta blogger program and have received complimentary mattresses for my family and other Serta products to facilitate firsthand reviews.]

iComfort Accessories

Best Sheets for iComfort

I have been blogging about Serta‘s dreamy mattresses for a few years now as a result of my participation in their blogger program and wanted to write a post on the best sheets for iComfort and the other Serta accessories that make for an even dreamier night’s sleep.

Over the past two years we have received complimentary mattresses and accessories for review (lucky us) and I adore our Serta mattresses.

My husband and I sleep on the iComfort Prodigy and my daughters both sleep on the iSeries Merit.

You can read my full iComfort review as well as how we selected the right mattress for our kids in those previous posts for more detailed information.

Due to popular demand, Serta has created products to complement the iComfort and make the best night’s sleep even that much better.

iComfort Sheets 

We have the Motion Perfect Adjustable Foundation (best invention ever) and the iComfort Luxury Sheet Set are the best sheets for the iComfort.

The corners have this great elastic configuration, so when the sheets are in place, they stay in place, even when the base is moving up and down. But these are great sheets regardless of the type of base you have.

The sheets are soft and breathable,  designed to help improve heat and moisture flow, and fit mattress heights up to 16 inches.

iComfort Mattress Protector

When you invest in an iComfort mattress, you want to make sure you protect your investment from spills and stains.

The reversible design allows you to choose one side with soft, natural TENCEL fibers for a cooler feel and the other is a cotton blend for a warmer night’s sleep come winter time.

The mattress cover is thin, allowing you to better feel the plush comfort of the mattress. Don’t know what I am talking about? Go into a store and lay on an iComfort and you will see what I mean!

Serta Pillows 

I like a very soft and fluffy pillow, but my neck does not like the soft and fluffy support!  Serta’s selection of memory foam pillows are designed to support the head and neck.

Not sure which pillow is right for you? Check out this great article on how to shop for a pillow.

But perhaps the happiest person in our household with our Serta iComfort mattress and iComfort accessories is my 4-year-old daughter, whose favorite spot in the entire house is in our bed watching a show snuggling her blankie.

That’s my Serta Sweetie!

[Disclosure: My family received complimentary mattresses and accessories to facilitate my firsthand reviews as well as compensation for my time and participation in their blogger program. All opinions are 100% my own, we love Serta!]