Alexa Echo on Sale for Only $99

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disclosure: amazon affiliate links included in this post


I got Alexa for my birthday last year and our family loves her so much we feel like Alexa is almost a part of our family.  She is just so darn helpful and resourceful.  Many times I even catch myself saying, “thank you” back to her after she completes a task for me.

By now I am sure you have heard of Alexa, a.k.a. the Amazon Echo, the Bluetooth enabled wireless speaker that just might change your life. When I saw Alexa on sale today for only $99 on Amazon, I had to post about it and share my passion for her.

She can stream any of your favorite music and if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can stream the Amazon Music library on Alexa which includes a gazillion songs and stations. Not only that, but her sound is incredible. I love walking into the room and asking her to play music without having to lift my phone or remote.

You can request something like, “Alexa, play Ed Sheeran radio.”

And she will play Ed and other artists like Ed.

You can say, “Alexa, turn it up (or down), and she will adjust the volume.”

You can say, “Alexa, play Ed Sheeran, and she will shuffle all songs by Ed Sheeran.

Or, “Alexa, set kitchen timer for 10 minutes.” And she will ring a little timer after 10 minutes if you are cooking. I love this one because if my hands are messy from cooking I don’t have to wash them before setting my kitchen timer!

She can answer things like, “Alexa, how do you spell “occasion”?  That one always gets me. Or, give you a definition.

She can recite today’s top news or play games like Jeopardy with you.  I mean, she can do almost anything.  She’s extraordinary.

You can link up your account via the Amazon Echo site and app and have her keep a running shopping list or to do list.

“Alexa, add almond milk to my shopping list.” And then you can pull up the Amazon Alexa app on your phone at the store and even check off the items as you purchase them.  She’s amazing.

One last favorite Alexa features before I ask for yours…”Alexa, what’s the weather?” And she will say, “Right now in Costa Mesa it is 78 degrees. Today you can expect a high of 80 degrees and a low of 60 degrees.” Which is so flipping awesome when the kids ask what to wear to school! Now instead of asking me, they ask Alexa for the weather.

Alexa is normally $179 on Amazon but today for some reason Alexa on sale today is only $99!! If you  been contemplating getting one today is THE DAY to buy it!!!!!!! 

You won’t regret it.

Now, what are your favorite Alexa features??

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Charity, Shopping and Wine? Yes, Please.

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The Outlets San Clemente Fundraiser Event

Outlets San Clemente Fundraiser Event

The Outlets at San Clemente invite you to join their Second Annual Shopping Extravaganza charity fundraiser on Saturday, 10/8/16.  Once I took one look at this event I had to make it into an immediate blog because all mamas need to know about it!

Here’s the scoop. 

Click here to purchase tickets (only $35pp) and the charity of your choice will receive $25 per ticket. BOOM.

Go to the Outlets at San Clemente on 10/8 between 10am – 8pm and shop exclusive discounts at many of the more than 50 stores now open. BOOM.

Partake in a private catered lunch, entertainment, and wine, craft beer and cocktail tastings in the VIP Lounge. BOOM.

Enter to win $40K in prizes including grand prizes and gift cards to Calvin Klein, Columbia, GUESS Factory Store, LOFT Outlet, Tommy Hilfiger and more. BOOM.

Click here for the schedule and to purchase tickets.

See you there!

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jeans | and | a | T

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Do you think a personal stylist is a luxury or reserved for those with huge budgets? Think again! 

Affordable Orange County personal stylist, Jen, of  jeans | and | a | T makes personal styling accessible to moms like us who want to feel cute and confident in our every day lives – without breaking the bank. In fact, Jen can take you shopping right in your own closet and put together outfits you didn’t even know you had!

Jen believes style should be available to all budgets, sizes and needs. “I really want women (whether a full time working mama or a stay at home mom), to feel confident in what they wear every day.”

Whether you need to rock an outfit for the carpool, office or date night, she’ll help you put together outfits to put a little extra spring in your step and sparkle in your eye.

Susanne and I recently got to experience a personal styling session with Jen to do a closet detox and styling session. Here is how it all went down…


Susanne’s Closet Detox + Styling Session

My friend Jen has effortless style. She always looks so put together, mixes pattern and color in the most unexpected ways, is ahead of the trends, and rocks a little bit of edge in a classy way.  She is a style maven.

In her own words:

“Fashion is my vacation. It can enable anyone to express themselves in many different ways and that’s what I love most about it. Each year my style evolves and fine tunes. Here I am, 40 (!) and fashion continues to inspire me. I love it. All of it. And I want to share my love for fashion with those around me! And the name…who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans and a T? It has been and always will be a vision of effortless class and simple style.”

I love clothes.  Like, I love them a lot.  I’ve accumulated quite a bit of stuff over the years and I’m not the best at weeding out, so I had a pretty full closet.  Being that I just had my 3rd and final babe and I’m transitioning back to my normal self again I was ready to purge.

I chose The Fashion Fix package which included:

– > Style survey which was completed before first consultation

– > Full closet detox, a review of each item (clothing + accessories) in closet, to be divided into three categories: keepers, tailor-bound, or charity bound

– > Styling of 4-6 outfits within your current wardrobe

– > Disposal of all unwanted items (transportation to local charity)

– > Unlimited access to stylist via text for two months regarding fashion advice, style ideas or just simply what to wear on a Friday night!

– > List of 5 new items needed to round out newly edited wardrobe.  Suggested items provided via Pinterest, Polyvore, etc. to help achieve style ambition!

With Jen’s help I gave away 2 full trash bags, not including the maternity items I had already pulled!  It feels so good to have my closet streamlined.  It was so wonderful to have someone give me an honest opinion as to what worked on me, what doesn’t, what’s dated and what had seen better days.


Jen took a few items I love in my closet that just weren’t working and told me how I could tailor them to bring them back to life.  Taking account my height and shape she suggested turning a maxi skirt into a “midi” and a knee length skirt I’m going to have made into a mini.  I’ve held onto these two skirts without a single wear for years because I love the prints- can’t wait to have them back in the mix!

She created outfits out of my clothes I would have NEVER thought to put together that work.

Pulling items I would have considered purging and she made me love them again.  This skirt I actually bought for a neon theme party and she loved it so much she styled an outfit around it!


Having a stylist on speed dial is also REALLY helpful… I was in a crunch with an outfit the other day and texted Jen for advice, I needed a sweater option.  The dress was a navy and cream stripe and I was wearing a bold turquoise and yellow necklace.  She pointed me in the right direction telling me jewel tones were my friend when I thought I would have had to go with a muted neutral.

Jen took notes as we were moving through my closet and she’s going to send me items she thinks would be good additions to my closet to fill the holes in my wardrobe.  I am very excited for this part of the process!

Here are a few more of the looks she styled for me that day…


If you have a life event coming up like a high school reunion, major birthday, important work event, baby shower, etc. I highly recommend having Jen come out and style you pretty!

My Closet Detox + Styling Session 

What I loved most about Jen was her honesty. 

There were so many pieces cluttering my closet I never wear because I don’t feel good in them. We went item by item and I could tell just by her face if it was a “please let this go” or “we can work with this!” piece.  Of the ones I didn’t feel good in, she confirmed I made the right choice when I admitted it was time to say good-bye.

And some things surprised me!

Like this Gap dress that is over  5 years old.  I haven’t been wearing it because I know how long I have had it. But what was old can be made NEW again.  Look at the belt she put with it! Never in a million years would I have thought of putting that belt on that dress. But it works!


I also loved being able to ask her HOW to style certain pieces.  I am obsessed with Golden Tote (affiliate link) and many of my pieces are G.T. ones I wear all the time. However, every now and then I get pieces I like but just don’t know how to wear.

Case in point, this long sleeveless sweater.  Not a problem for Jen, she showed me exactly how to wear it! I love this outfit, one of my new favorites I never knew I had in my closet!


As we were going through my accessories, Jen eyed one particular scarf and got a little twinkle in her eye. “I love this.” she said.

I was assuming she would put it on me like I had been wearing it – as a scarf around my neck – but no! To my amazement she made it into a wrap skirt, belted it and paired with a cropped denim jacket into a look I just love!


Affordable Orange County Personal Stylist

There are many personal stylists out there so I wanted I asked Jen from her perspective what makes jeans | and | a | T unique.

“I work with most any price point and I’m honest. So many people look at styling as a luxury service – and while I do have certain requirements as far as budget is concerned, I think it’s a lot less then most people expect. Second, I’m honest. I tell it like it is. If I don’t like something in your closet (whether brand new-or 4 years old-$20 or $400 – I’ll tell ya.) That’s what I’m  here for! Clients appreciate that and love the streamlined closet they walk into days after I visit. I’m also always available…in a pinch on a Friday night? – shoot me a photo and I’ll lead you in the right direction! Availability, accessibility and honesty – that’s what makes me tick.”

To learn more and following Jen on Social Media visit:

@jeans_and_a_t on Instagram.

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Better Than Black Friday: Amazon Prime Day July 15th

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Links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. 

I didn’t discover the awesomeness of Amazon Prime until last Christmas when I signed up for their Free 30-Day Trial to do my Christmas shopping.

Seriously. What in the HECK took me so long?! Amazon Prime is the bomb!!!  It has saved me SO much time, money and headaches.

There are a gazillion items that get free two-day shipping, many now even are on free one-day shipping. In need of a last minute birthday gift for the weekend with no time to run to the store? No problem. Amazon Prime, I love you.

As a Prime Member we also get access to a ton of instant videos the kids love.

I also give the Amazon Gift Cards as gifts because they arrive the next day with one-day free shipping. Perfect teacher gifts.

The reason I never signed up for it before was that I was afraid of spending too much money online shopping simply because it’s so easy and so convenient.

But what I have realized is that Amazon Prime actually SAVES me money! 

Here’s why, often I use it to buy gifts or items I need last minute using the free shipping.

If I were to run to Target for the same item, I would be guaranteed to spend a whole lot more on things I realized I couldn’t live without while in the store. Am I right?

Not a Prime member? Sign up here for a Free 30-Day Trial and just try it out.

Amazon Prime Day 

Since I am a new Amazon Prime gal, this is the first I am getting to experience Happy Amazon Prime Day July 15.

I hear that it’s better than Black Friday. SWEET! Stock up now on some items for Christmas and disperse the holiday spending.

It’s a one day shopping event on July 15th, 2015 with exclusive deals for Prime Members.

Already a Prime Member and is it July 15th? Happy Amazon Prime Day – July 15 – Exclusive Deals for Prime Members – Shop Now!!!

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Good Things Are Happening at Los Cerritos Center!

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Los Cerritos Center [Sponsor]

Los Cerritos Center has become a favorite outing for our family, especially to visit the FREE Kids Club Events powered by National Geographic Kids which take place once a month. The events are for kids ages 3 – 12 and include all sorts of fun educational interactive activities, songs, arts and crafts.  If you haven’t been to one – put this outing on your list! Next one is coming up on May 9th.

Los Cerritos Center is Getting a Make-Over!

Los Cerritos Center announced a full interior makeover is now underway and will include updates to the 1.2 million-square-foot center including a brand-new The Cheesecake Factory. Makes me want a piece of cheesecake right about now to celebrate!

Enhancements are projected to be completed in winter 2015, along with the introduction of additional new retailers and restaurants.

The property’s extensive remodel will include the center’s interior façade and community spaces, new modern flooring and extensive updated lighting and paint throughout. Center entrances will be updated to match the design of the newest entrance located by California Pizza Kitchen.

Shopping for the Modern Era

New, comfortable and convenient seating vignettes will be placed throughout the common areas and will offer shoppers a chance to relax and recharge their smart devices.

Talk about smart!

Family-Friendly Dining and Entertainment 

In addition to The Cheesecake Factory, Harkins Theatres 16-secreen megaplex will also be part of the major renovation to give families a place to see the latest flick after some dining and shopping!

The Los Cerritos Center food court will be transformed into the new Dining Court, offering shoppers a ton of dining options to enjoy indoors or alfresco. Additional restroom facilities, including family accessible restrooms, will be added to the Dining Court and to other locations in the center.

Open for Business!

During renovations all stores are open for business and ample, convenient parking is available with easy access to all center entrances. Shoppers are encouraged to visit to experience the remodel live via the Earth Cam and to receive the latest updates on the renovation process and exciting new retailers coming to Los Cerritos Center.


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