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Rising Strong Questions are UP!

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Hello to all my lovely ladies joining me in my first Tiny Oranges Book Club discussion on Brené Brown’s Rising Strong!

Originally I said we would cover Chapters One – Four this week but when coming up with Rising Strong questions for the four chapters I realized there is just SO MUCH to discuss that it was wayyyyyyyy too overwhelming to cover four chapters at once.

I asked my cousin Kristin what she thought we should do, and she thought one chapter at a time, and I totally agree. So, let’s dive into chapter one and discuss.

How to join the Tiny Oranges Book Club! 

1. Join the ——–>>>>>> Tiny Oranges Book Club on Good Reads

2. Look on home page under “Discussions”and click on “Chapter One Questions”

3. I posted questions of mine that came to mind when reading it.  Feel free to respond to all or one or however many spoke to you.

4. Please also post your own questions/topics or things you might want to discuss as a result of things that came up for you in Chapter One.


Now let’s start chatting about RISING STRONG!




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Tiny Oranges Book Club Starts Next Week!

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In the spirit of Rising Strong, the first Tiny Oranges Book Club selection, I am going to be completely honest and vulnerable when I tell you I really don’t know what I am doing. I am sure you are now completely compelled to join my Club. Right?

While reading Rising Strong, I had so many AHA and TRUTH moments I felt it necessary to be in a forum talking about it with others and the next thing I knew I was writing this post about starting an online book club. I didn’t know how I was going to do a book club online, but I felt I had to put it out there and would figure out the “how” later.

And now I am going to give this a shot! I hope you will bear with me as we figure this out together. If you have suggestions or ideas on how to make it work better, believe me when I say, I am SO OPEN to suggestions.

For now, I thought I would try Good Reads as the forum for our first discussion next week.

As a reminder, we will be discussing Chapter One – Four. 

Here’s what you do:

1. Hopefully by now you have gotten the book. Here’s the Amazon link again if you need to order it, like today.  You will want your own copy. I have underlined and made notes all over mine.

2. Visit my Tiny Oranges Book Club page on Good Reads.

3. Set up an easy profile and join the Club!

4. First discussion is an intro! Introduce yourself – I want to meet everyone before next week.

5. Come back to the Tiny Oranges Book Club page on Good Reads next Tuesday and I will post questions for us to discuss.  Since we are all on different schedules, I hope you can carve out a little time on Tuesday to post when it works for you.

Let’s see how that goes.  I would love to do a group where we are all online together in real time at some point. If anyone has suggestions on how to do that, or timing that would work best, please let me know.

I can be emailed at jennifer @ tinyoranges.com with anything!!!!

Love you all! Excited for next week and looking forward to diving into this discussion with you!



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