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Solution to the Lunch Box Stink

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Finally. A more smell proof lunch box. No need to brace yourself for impact when opening at the end of the day.

smell proof lunch box

I really hate bad smells. Which sounds funny, because I am sure everyone hates bad smells, but I am particularly sensitive to bad smells and they can make me crazy.

One of my top personal odor offenders, is the smell the girls’ lunch boxes get after the school year gets underway. You know what I am talking about, right moms, that stale, gross stink that seeps into the plastic lining?


The plastic really starts to retain the stink and no matter how thoroughly we wash it, the smell always returns.   Therefore, when I discovered these Under Armour lunch boxes that are lined with plastic, I thought they would be worth a try to see if the plastic helped make it a smell proof lunch box.

I guess the official word for the plastic is PEVA lining.There is a pocket on the interior lid for an ice pack and there is plenty of room for a thermos and your reusable lunch box containers.

smell proof lunch boxes-2

You can buy them here on Amazon ladies…..

Then go ahead and give it your own whiff test this year!

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It’s So S’well

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Recently my hair stylist and knower of all the coolest and latest things, Tera Rae Stephens, was sipping her water at the salon out of the most fabulous looking water bottle. I asked where she got it and she exclaimed, “You don’t know about S’well bottles?!?!” And she went on to profess how it was the BEST water bottle ever and said, “Jen you NEED one!”

So I went and ordered one for myself for Valentine’s Day and give it to my husband to wrap up. We’re really romantic like that. But hey, it was the BEST gift ever! I carry my S’well bottle everywhere!

Why the S’well is SO Swell   

1. They come in 3 sizes: 9 oz, 17 oz + 25 oz. I bought myself the 25 oz and LOVE it. I keep it in the car, take to the gym, basically my S’well goes wherever I do.  (Fun fact: It also holds a bottle of chardonnay and will keep chilled for 24 hours. Just sayin’.)

2. It has a screw on top that DOES NOT LEAK. I can’t tell you how many water bottles I have cycled through over the years and had to end up tossing them because of leakage issues. This one doesn’t.

3. They keep cold beverages cold, like ice cold, for 24 hours and hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours.

4. Feel good fact: S’well is a charitable parter of organizations like Unicef donating money to fund clean water for children who need it.

They are not cheap, but you will get your money’s worth, I promise.

And on the note of other things SWELL, Tera just opened her own salon in the newly renovated areas of Lido Marina Village called TReSs Apothecary + Salon. Gals, it is amazing. She is working on carrying the S’well bottles in her retail section, so if you are local, pop in and check out her fabulous new space. Also be sure to follow @tressapothocary on Instagram for some amazing eye candy.

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Not Scary Movies for Kids

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Not Scary Movies for Kids 

20 Not Scary Movies for Kids

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Last week I went out to dinner with five of my class of ’92 high school girlfriends I hadn’t seen in years.  Old photos were passed around and we laughed our you know whats off at the styles back then. I think the shoes were the most offensive – does anyone remember Reebok high tops with big scrunch socks?!  How on earth was that ever considered cute? Wow.

We had four hours to catch up and many parenting topics arose, which gives me endless parenting blog fodder. I love it.

This post was inspired when a friend mentioned her kids are so sensitive to “scary” stuff, that she has been forced over the years to find not scary movies for kids her family could watch together.

Of course, what scares a kid can differ from child to child, so these movies listed below are not necessarily scare-proof. However, a great way to check out the details on a movie before you watch it with your kids is www.commonsensemedia.org. The age recommendations for the movies below were taken from that site.

You simply plug in the movie and you can get the full rundown of the story line and ratings on things such as educational value, positive messaging, violence & scariness, and more.

Please add any not scary movies for kids you have discovered in the comments. Would love to keep this list going!

20 Not Scary Movies for Kids 

1. Winnie the Pooh Movies (ages 3+)

2. The Aristocats (ages 4+)

3. Tinker Bell (ages 4+)

4. Sesame Street: Follow That Bird (ages 4+)

5. My Neighbor Totoro (ages 5+)

6. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (ages 5+)

7. The Sword in the Stone (ages 5+)

8. The Mouse and the Motorcycle (ages 5+)

9. Kiki’s Delivery Service (ages 5+)

10. Homeward Bound (ages 6+)

My friend’s recommendations (geared towards older children):

11. Mary Poppins (ages 6 +)

12. The Sound of Music (ages 6 +)

13. Shirley Temple movies (Curly Top, The Little Princess, Heidi and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm were her favorites – ages 6+)

14. The Parent Trap (original version – ages 6+)

15. Charlotte’s Web (1973 older cartoon version – ages 5 +)

16. Doctor Doolittle (original version – ages 5+)

17. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (ages 6+)

18. Oklahoma (ages 8 +)

19. Singin’ in the Rain (ages 6+)

20. American Girl Movies (average age 6+ but check each movie individually for age rec)

Please add to this list in the comments with your “not scary movies for kids” recommendations…

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reCAP lids are reALLY reMARKABLE

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pourable mason jar lids

Every day I get lots of emails from companies and PR agencies showcasing products products moms might like. Because of the volume of emails, it’s hard to be able to investigate every one, but the email I got telling me about reCAP mason jar lids stopped me in my tracks – brilliant. 

In a nutshell, reCAP lids are universal pourable mason jar lids and caps that fit any mason jar so you can reuse your beautiful jars in a gazillion new ways.

I told them I would be interested in getting some samples to see if they were as awesome as they looked so they sent me a few to try.

When I feature products on Tiny Oranges, I have to really love it.  Enough to feel compelled to want to share with my girlfriends (and I consider my readers my girlfriends). So let me tell you how much I love this product.

The pourable mason jar lids are perfect for smoothies, protein shakes, my cucumber water and also homemade salad dressings.  You can shake it, pour it, drink from it, what have you.

Here are my two favorite everyday uses for my reCAP pour caps (click here to get the how-to on the amazing homemade salad dressing recipe.)


reCAP also carries flip lids which make the jars perfect for storage, snacks, really anything and Adapta caps which have sprayers and pumps for cleaning or beauty products.

And for anyone who loves Classico Italian sauces like we do, the 24 oz mason jars the sauces come in are the perfect container to reUSE with your reCAP products.  If you are inspired to share your ideas on how you reUSE your Classico jars with reCAP lids, tag them on social media with #ClassicoMakeItYourOwn!

Or share any of the ways you reUSE your mason jars using hashtag #WhatWillYouReCap!


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The At-Home Barista

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I would like to share today my obsession with my electric milk frother for tired moms everywhere fueled on coffee. Links to product on affiliate links to help support our blog coffee addiction.

electric milk frother

 I’m no barista…

…but I sure have found a way to save some money and make my own Cafe Au’Laits.

Sure, when I was working a full-time outside sales job, Starbucks and Peets weren’t just an option, but a necessity. Fast forward a few years and now I find the concept of “stopping for coffee” laughable with a 2 and 5 year old.

Even the drive through lines in OC (WTH?!) can be 30 minutes long.

So I found this handy kitchen tool – the Epare Electric Milk Frother for roughly $12 bucks – that ALMOST emulates my fave drink…Cafe A’Lait (or a Misto at ‘Bucks). Basically, frothy milk with coffee.

Here’s how it works:

1.  Brew coffee (or my fave…a Keurig pod)

2. Pour some COLD milk In a cup and hold frother in the milk until you get desired frothiness (is that even a word?!).

3.  Heat frothy milk in microwave 30 seconds and add in any sweetener if desired

4. Pour milk into coffee and spoon froth on top

5. Sip and enjoy the $4 you just saved

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