Tiny Oranges Book Club Starts Next Week!

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In the spirit of Rising Strong, the first Tiny Oranges Book Club selection, I am going to be completely honest and vulnerable when I tell you I really don’t know what I am doing. I am sure you are now completely compelled to join my Club. Right?

While reading Rising Strong, I had so many AHA and TRUTH moments I felt it necessary to be in a forum talking about it with others and the next thing I knew I was writing this post about starting an online book club. I didn’t know how I was going to do a book club online, but I felt I had to put it out there and would figure out the “how” later.

And now I am going to give this a shot! I hope you will bear with me as we figure this out together. If you have suggestions or ideas on how to make it work better, believe me when I say, I am SO OPEN to suggestions.

For now, I thought I would try Good Reads as the forum for our first discussion next week.

As a reminder, we will be discussing Chapter One – Four. 

Here’s what you do:

1. Hopefully by now you have gotten the book. Here’s the Amazon link again if you need to order it, like today.  You will want your own copy. I have underlined and made notes all over mine.

2. Visit my Tiny Oranges Book Club page on Good Reads.

3. Set up an easy profile and join the Club!

4. First discussion is an intro! Introduce yourself – I want to meet everyone before next week.

5. Come back to the Tiny Oranges Book Club page on Good Reads next Tuesday and I will post questions for us to discuss.  Since we are all on different schedules, I hope you can carve out a little time on Tuesday to post when it works for you.

Let’s see how that goes.  I would love to do a group where we are all online together in real time at some point. If anyone has suggestions on how to do that, or timing that would work best, please let me know.

I can be emailed at jennifer @ tinyoranges.com with anything!!!!

Love you all! Excited for next week and looking forward to diving into this discussion with you!



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Story Angels

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The story of a chance meeting. The story of when you fell in love. The story of a life-changing trip.  The story about the time you made a decision that changed the course of your life. Our stories are our legacy, precious and unique, and play a large part in making us who we are.

Some family stories might get passed down through the generations, but no one tells the story better than the person who lived it, which is why capturing these stories on video or documenting them on paper is a priceless family heirloom.

Story Angels

Last week I was invited to a special media event to experience a new program in the Fullerton school district. The fifth graders from Laguna Road School are the first to participate in the district’s new “Story Angels” program where students interview and film seniors about a life-changing event they experienced. 

The 5th grade students were paired with one senior in teams of four kids at the beautiful Morningside retirement community for this very special project.

You guys, my heartstrings were tugged at every turn watching these two very different generations interact together.

The first time the kids met their senior partner, they brought only their ears and notebooks as they listened to their stories.

Stories of surviving childhood polio, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, tending to the animals on the farm and having a goat as a pet, moving to the banks of the Amazon in Brazil at the age of 11 with missionary parents. Life events, that probably sounded astonishing to the 10 and 11 year olds.

Honing their narrative writing skills, the children then worked on their own individual essays about their senior, which were fact checked via mail by the residents.  One of the students showed me her essay.  Can you even get over the first paragraph she wrote? I got the chills.

story angel essay

For the second meeting, students were armed with iPads provided by the Fullerton School District and the teams videoed their senior telling the story of this life event.

The students shared with me that they will then take the footage and learn how to edit it into one film.

The district and Morningside plan to hold an event next month in which the student projects will be screened and the final video heirlooms will be presented to the seniors and their families.

story angels taping

Make Your Own Story Angels Project

I was so touched by this I am completely inspired to have my girls work on a Story Angels project like this with each of their grandparents.

The obvious choice in a family would be to do interview the grandparents or a relative, but the senior could be anyone close to your family and it would make such a special gift.

These days with our aging family members are precious. I know. Now is the time to capturing their stories for generations to come.

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Tiny Oranges Book Club!

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Recently I started Rising Strong by Brené Brown and the book is so powerful and her message and research is so compelling, I can’t stop talking about it.  

She is inspiring a movement that I believe will result in happier people, better parents, better friends and better spouses by the act of embracing vulnerability and getting real.

The book is resonating so much with me at this stage in my life.

What I am loving about this book is how she teaches us how we can bring our best selves into our relationships by owning our stories, even the painful ones, to embrace our vulnerability and use it as a mechanism for personal growth.

Do you want to read it with me and discuss? I have never done this before, so I am going to spend some time researching how to do an online book club discussion, possibly on Goodreads, and start my own group. Bear with me on the details and I will let you know how we will get together to discuss.

For now, this is all you have to do:

1. Purchase Rising Strong by Brené Brown.

2. Read Sections One – Four by October 17th.

3. Subscribe to my posts so you can stay informed of our first Tiny Oranges Book Club Rising Strong discussion, happening in about two weeks.

Yay! I’m excited. Will you join me?



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Cox Smart Home at Canopy at Esencia

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post to spread the word about the Cox Smart Home and Amazon links in post are affiliate links.

Did you know that the average household connects six devices to the internet these days? We are talking phones, laptops, tablets, gaming systems, etc. and that number is expected to increase to 50, yes 50, devices by the year 2022.

I don’t  know about you, but my Wi-Fi can be S-L-O-W at times and it drives me crazy. Lots of spinning rainbow wheels and error pages on dropped web searches. Lagging Wi-Fi can also result in a very irritated 5th grader when it inhibits her from posting one of her fabulous videos on Musical.ly.

With the need for internet connection and speed increasing and our tolerance for slow connection decreasing, Cox Communications and Warmington Residential are paving the way to the future of digital living at one of Orange County’s new master planned communities, Canopy at Esencia in Rancho Mission Viejo with gigabit-internet speed.

It’s the future people.  And it’s here.


This week I got to preview Cox Communications and Warmington Residential’s Cox Smart Home in Esencia where they have designed a modern living space to showcase all of the different ways families are going to be using technology in the future and all that is possible with gig-speed internet. The Cox Smart Home will be open this weekend to the public and I urge you to go  see it for yourself.

Cox Smart Home at Canopy at Esencia Powered by GIGABLAST Internet Speeds
Open to the public
Sat. 10/1/16 and Sun. 10/2/16 from 10am – 6pm
100 Vasto Street, Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 92694

For those of us that are not super techie, let me tell you what living the Gig Life means. Gigabit connectivity gives customers internet speed that is 100, yes 100, times faster than the average speeds offered today. Now that is what we call GIGABLAST!  Sign me up Cox!

With gigabit internet service you can run all your devices at the same time, download an HD movie in less than 60 seconds, upload 1,000 photos in about a minute, download 100 tunes in only 3 seconds, stream live video, do anything that requires heavy bandwidth, and do it at lightning speed.

My Top Five “That is So Cool!” Moments at the Cox Smart Home

I saw so many cool things in every room of the gorgeous three story home, my head was spinning with awe and the times I said, “That is so cool!” were countless. Please just go and see it for yourself because it was impossible to cover everything in this post so I will highlight some of my favorites.

1. Wemo Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Slow Cooker

It’s on Prime mamas, might as well just buy it now.

I didn’t know such a dreamy slow cooker even existed! With three heat settings you can control with your smart phone from wherever you are, you can adjust the temperatures or settings and never risk overcooking a dish again.

Here is fabulous flood blogger Whitney Bond demo-ing the cooker, powered by Gigablast.

Whitney’s tagline is “Traditional Recipes with a Bond Girl Twist.” Check her out, I adore her site. In fact, I am making her One Pot Italian Sausage Shells and Cheese dish tonight. YUM.


2. Amazon Echo and Philips Hue Smart Bulb

Echo is a hands-free speaker that connects to the Alexa Voice Service and can control things from playing music, reading books, looking up the weather, and even turn on thermostats and lights with compatible devices.  All you have to do is ask her. Do you guys have one yet? It’s on my birthday list. Honey, are you reading this? Honey?

For example, “Alexa, play me Justin Timberlake!” Done. “Alexa, turn on the light in the kid’s room.” Done. Feels very George Jetson, doesn’t it?

Just another device making our lives easier, powered by Gigablast.


3. Virtual Reality Gaming

Welcome to the future of gaming – virtual reality –  where you are not only playing a video game, you are immersed in it. Moms everywhere will be thrilled to learn this technology can also be educational, in a highly entertaining way.

At the Cox Smart Home, I got to meet two young men from Labcoat Studios, an app development company behind virtual reality games and experiences.  They were showcasing one of their virtual reality typing games to help develop keyboard skills.

It was so cool I was squealing with delight as I tried to burst the words with my mad typing skills. See the word “rain” on the screen? That word was coming towards me and I had to type it as fast as I could. SO fun.


4. House Calls of the Future

How many times have you sat there looking at your sick child and wondered if you should take them in to the doctor but dreaded the idea of getting them there?

The telehealth program at CHOC Children’s Hospital has a system that uses modern, digital, communication technologies changing the way patients are able to access care, remotely, 24 hours a day. With the use of the InTouch mobile robot, the technology enables secure, real-time connections between providers and patients.

The telemedicine field is rapidly growing so one day we will be able to see our doctor from the comfort of home, on your device, without leaving the house. Again, powered by Gigablast.

The doctor will see you now…


5. Distance Learning

With Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. there are so many opportunities to have face-to-face instruction by experts around the globe and the opportunities for education are endless.

At the event, I had the privilege to see the legendary violinist, Jason Yang (who has toured with Madonna!), demonstrating with the use of technology, how he can teach students and stream live seminars in high-definition to his students and fans internationally.

Just think of all the opportunities we will have for children to take music classes from amazing instructors anywhere without the need to chauffeur them. Once again, at speeds powered by Gigiblast.


You guys, please go and check out the Cox Smart Home this weekend with your families.  It will be such a fun outing and you will be in awe of all the amazing things available to residents when you have Gigablast internet service.

Some other amazing features you will get to see are a Wi-Fi BBQ smoker, Wi-Fi vacuum, Wi-Fi pet and pet feeder, Wi-Fi weighing scale, Wi-Fi drawing robot, Cox’s new, Voice Remote Contour TV system and more. (And you might even get the chance to WIN one!!) Go, just go!

About Esencia

Encompassing nearly 23,000 acres, Rancho Mission Viejo (The Ranch) is planned to provide multiple villages which could consist of up to 14,000 homes as well as sites for parks, playgrounds, trails, clubhouses, farms, schools, shopping and entertainment and more in beautiful South Orange County.

The community of Rancho Mission Viejo currently includes villages of Sendero (sold out homes) and Esencia (homes now available for purchase.)

The hillside village of Esencia is the second village on The Ranch and is planned to inlcude 2,810 residential units. For more information visit www.ranchomissionviejo.com.

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Charity, Shopping and Wine? Yes, Please.

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The Outlets San Clemente Fundraiser Event

Outlets San Clemente Fundraiser Event

The Outlets at San Clemente invite you to join their Second Annual Shopping Extravaganza charity fundraiser on Saturday, 10/8/16.  Once I took one look at this event I had to make it into an immediate blog because all mamas need to know about it!

Here’s the scoop. 

Click here to purchase tickets (only $35pp) and the charity of your choice will receive $25 per ticket. BOOM.

Go to the Outlets at San Clemente on 10/8 between 10am – 8pm and shop exclusive discounts at many of the more than 50 stores now open. BOOM.

Partake in a private catered lunch, entertainment, and wine, craft beer and cocktail tastings in the VIP Lounge. BOOM.

Enter to win $40K in prizes including grand prizes and gift cards to Calvin Klein, Columbia, GUESS Factory Store, LOFT Outlet, Tommy Hilfiger and more. BOOM.

Click here for the schedule and to purchase tickets.

See you there!

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