Bluebird Park Laguna Beach

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To describe this park in one word would be LOVELY.  It is just lovely.

In a peaceful, gated area off Cress Street in Laguna Beach, this is truly a park that has it all.   Toddler play areas, older kid areas, tricycle/bicycle trails, a little bridge, trees for shade, gorgeous green grass, picnic tables, and my favorite, a CLEAN bathroom complete with kid’s size sink and potty.   What more could you need?

To get there, take Cress Street off PCH away from the ocean (it’s a light), and it will be on your right hand side before you hit Bluebird Canyon Road.  Mapquest address is: 798 Blue Bird Canyon Drive, Laguna Beach.  You can also turn right on Temple St., and there are a handful of parking spaces above the park.   I found this one on OC Family, and this park was # 1 on the 10 Best Playgrounds in OC list.  I plan to visit each one.  Stay tuned.


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  1. 1
    IMAHOUSE says:

    Like Laguna didn’t already have enough going for it – that turtle! My kid would have a field day climbing all over it. Next time we need a pit stop on the way back from San Diego, done and done.

  2. 2
    Sarah says:

    This park looks amazing! If we are down in So. O.C. anytime soon, we will be stopping in. In fact, maybe the park alone is worth a trip.

  3. 3
    Erik says:

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