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This was seriously the single greatest discovery of my entire pregnancy. Ultrasound Services www.ultrasoundme.com in Costa Mesa offers 2D ultrasounds for $25 and 3D/4D ultrasounds for $75. If you want a copy of the session on DVD it is only $5.  It is in a 2 story strip center in Westside Costa Mesa (not quite where you would expect to go for an ultrasound!) but the room is very nice and the technician is SO sweet . I went about 4 times when I was pregnant. One day around Month 4, I just felt like “seeing her” and saying hello. I was able to book a same day appointment. I always asked, “is it still a girl????” Thankfully, the answer was still “yes!” Families are welcome, so it is such a treat for grandparents, aunties and uncles, or best friends. The technician can do gender determination generally pretty early as long as baby is in a cooperating position. And, for the 3D/4D if the baby is not cooperating enough to get good pictures, she offers another complimentary session within one week.  By appointment only.

Ultrasound Medical Services
777 W. 19th Street , Ste. “H” Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627 Phone: (949) 548-4268


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    Nomi says:

    I went and it was the most memorable experience of my early pregnancy! Tiny place, but very comfortable and friendly and you can’t beat that price. Highly recommended!

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