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I still remember when I got my daughter’s “My Very Own Name” book in the mail a few weeks after she was born. It was wrapped in this cute, striped box, and the opening page was printed with, “This book was created especially for (her name)” and then it followed with a note from the family with the year. I thought “How cute!A book with her name printed on the opening page!”Then I turned the pages to read it, and the first page had an elephant carrying an “E” and the next page had a monkey carrying an “M” and then came the moose with another “M” and then an antelope carrying the “A” until Emma was spelled out! At thatpoint, the magnitude of the cute factorREALLYkicked in! Itwas aspecial bookwhere the story spells out her first and last name! She is the proud owner of both the “owl” book as she calls it, as well as the “fairy tale” book. She absolutely loves them.Such a fabulous gift to give and receive! Check out the I See Me! website for virtual tours of the books, along with an array of other darling personalized gifts.

Tiny Oranges readers can put in Coupon Code: FSD13785 when placing an order and receive free shipping. Makes these darling gifts just that more affordableby saving you between$6.95 – $13.90!


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  1. 1
    stephanie says:

    Love these books!! A perfect gift for newborns and birthdays!! My daughter loves her I See Me books.

  2. 2
    Ellen Chung says:

    These are adorable!! I’m now going to get one for my niece and nephew. Thanks for the post!

  3. 3
    Skate says:

    Long ago my 10 year old "baby" (now 23) received a book like these with her teaming up on adventure with Barbie. The book had her best friend’s name and relatives names in it too. She loved it!

  4. 4

    […] We have been VERY big fans of the personalized children’s books from I See Me!  for a loooooong time.  In fact, Jennifer highlighted their products in a post back in 2008 when Tiny Oranges was just getting started… see the post here! […]

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