Diapees and Wipees

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One of my favorite, most used gifts I received when I had my daughter was my pink polka dot diapees & wipees bag (top left above.)   It is a unique bag that  fits a travel size wipee container along with 2 to 4 diapees perfectly.   I love that you can grab it and go, and  move it from diaper bag to regular purse to the stroller with ease.  It is also so nice to have the diapers and wipes together and organized.   Say it with me gals, “no more wadded up diapees in the bottom of my bag amongst crushed Cheerios!” I give these as gifts to new moms all the time, as I know firsthand just how much use they will get out of it!  Plus, aren’t the fabrics just so cute and hip?   Vist the website for retailers or to buy online


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  1. 1
    andrea says:

    These bags are so cute!!! I bought a few to match my diaper bags. It sure beats fishing around my diaper bag for loose diapers and wipes.

  2. 2
    siennamommy says:

    i love this idea. i might have to go grab one for a shower this weekend!

  3. 3
    TINA27Holden says:

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