Fun Book for Lil Grommets

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The Adventures of Kirra & Rincon Li’l Kids, Big Waves
is such a cute book for our So Cal kiddos.  My daughter loves the bright pictures and melodic prose and this mommy loves the positive messages throughout like eating healthy snacks, picking up trash on the beach and appreciating friends and nature (not to mention the inspiring “girl power” when Kirra is the first to catch a perfect barrel wave!)  If  you are wondering where the names came from, Kirra is a famous surf spot in Australia, and Rincon is a surf break near Santa Barbara.  The book was written by a married couple and inspired by their love of the ocean, surfing and the peace of mind found while enjoying the beach.  You can buy the book on the Kirra & Rincon website.   And, speaking of beaches, for those So Cal famillies out there, what are your favorite beaches to take your kids to??


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    Michelle says:

    My husband is an avid surfer and he loves reading this book to our daughter before bedtime. Such a cute book!

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