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My family and I were going around the table last Thanksgiving answering the question, which skill or talent do you wish you had?   My dad’s answer was “speak a 2nd language” and I was like “That is a great answer!  Me too!” My real answer was “cook ” but that really perplexed everyone as they considered cooking not a skill or talent, but rather an issue of effort and motivation.  A whole debate ensued, and I argued that my lack of motivation was because of my lack of skill and therefore, I wished I had the motivation to cook!  I had a hard time selling that one, anyhow, I digress…

For those of us that are solo-lingual, wouldn’t it be GREAT to speak another language?  I often wish I had learned another language as a child when it would have been so much easier than learning as a young adult.  That being said, now we have the chance to give our kids an edge and introduce them to YakAcademy, a fun program that teaches foreign language classes for kids ages 1 – 10!   Such a BRILLIANT concept for our little sponge-brained kiddos!  And now, YakAcademy has come to OC!    Opening this month in Mission Viejo, you can enroll your kids in fun language classes taught full immersion through art, movement, song and play.  And, hey mom, you will probably learn a thing or two!   Muy divertido!  (Translation = Very fun!)

Their language program creates a fun, natural learning environment that targets the small window of opportunity (age 6 months – 6 years) when a child most easily acquires a second language.   The organization strives to make you as comfortable at the center as you are in your own home and prides itself on personal care and attention to each student.  And, with the offering of Saturday classes, this makes for a very fun “Daddy and Me” or “Parents and Me”  class too!

If you are interested, register now to take advantage of 20% off the regular pricing between now and September 29th.  You can also register or sign up online for a free class to try it out!     

HOORAY!  It’s a Tiny Giveaway!!!  YakAcademy Mission Viejo is giving away ONE FREE MONTH of classes and FREE (lifetime) registration to one lucky winner (valued at $170)!   The winner can pick the time and class of their choice (Mission Viejo location only.)  To enter, send me an email to giveaways@tinyoranges.com.  Include your name, address, and the answer to this question:  which 3 languages are offered this Fall at YakAcademy Mission Viejo?  Hint: click on “View Schedule” under Mission Viejo on this page to find out!   Make sure your entry is in before Friday, Sept. 5th at 5pm PST.  Winner will be drawn at random next weekend, and posted on Monday.  GOOD LUCK!     


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    Michelle says:

    My friend up in the South Bay enrolled her son in the Early Birds spanish class and he had a blast. It’s great they offer the program down in the OC.

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