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How is it already September?  I can’t believe how fast this summer went.   It seems way too early, however, October and pumpkin time is right around the corner…that’s why I have to share this new fabulous find!  I came across the Wishcraft catalog (by Chasing Fireflies) the other day and  was blown away by the costumes!   You should see the Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth get-ups for little girls.  They are so elaborate, and really pretty reasonable considering.   I hope I am able to even get Emma INTO a costume this year.  Last year, at 18-months, she was the saddest Tinkerbell you have ever seen.  She only lasted in it for 5 minutes, it was a complete crying disaster.   We had a Halloween party at our house and she was the only kid not in a costume.  Luckily one of my husband’s coworkers got her a little orange candy corn t-shirt, so she wore that to her party.  I am sure everyone was thinking how low-budge I went on her costume!   Hopefully this year will be different, we will see.  I don’t know if I could get her in that Marie wig, but the sassy go go dancer is awfully cute!  


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    CameronT says:

    OK – These are SO cute! How have I not heard of Chasing Fireflies?? Their clothes, etc… are adorable. Love their goodies…Thanks for the tips!!

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