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I am really inspired by people who are truly committed to doing their part to help the environment.  Here is a great tip from a local couple ( ..and I didn’t even know Starbucks had an “in-house” mug!!!) She writes…

”My husband and I talk about cutting out waste all of the time and want to do our part so that our children may enjoy the planet. At first, we thought that ‘going green’ involved a lot of sacrifice. The deeper we get, however, the more we seem to enjoy it. Going green ‘feels’ good!!! We now ride our bikes to the local Farmers’ Market on Sunday mornings….stopping off at Starbucks along the way. We bring our own cups to Starbucks or we ask for their ‘in-house’ mug. Nothing to throw away. Buying our produce at the Farmers’ Market means our food is grown closer to home on organic farms. The upshot of this is that we’re eating more vegetables and fruit. We bring our own canvas shopping bags to avoid using the plastic.” 
– Taylor and Steve, Laguna Niguel

Note from the peanut gallery: I took my daughter to the Farmers’ Market at the OC Fairgrounds recently, and we had so much fun! It is held on Thursday mornings from 9am – 1pm. It is small, so you can make your way through quickly. Most of the vendors had samples. My daughter LOVES fruit more than anything, so she was in heaven tasting the fresh peaches, strawberries, apples and mangos. The quality of the produce doesn’t compare to anything you would get in a store. Parking was right adjacent, super easy to get to. I plan to make this a weekly outing on Thursday AM’s to buy our produce for the week.  Bonus is that it is a fun little outing to boot! 

Here are two websites that list local OC farmers’ markets, the Farm Bureau and the California Federation of Certified Farmers’ Markets


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