Dinosaur Park Laguna Hills

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Dinosaur Park in Laguna Hills is # 4 on the list of Top 10 Playgrounds in the OC and I know why, because it is a super fun park!  Off Alicia Parkway,  turn into the Community Center Parking lot (it’s a light.)  It is a tad hard to recognize from the street, so just look for the Community Center light, and know you are turning into the right place.    You can then park in the immediate parking lot on your left and  walk up the walkway to get to the playground or you can follow the driveway up to the parking lot above and walk down.   

They have dinosaur structures to climb on, a bridge and tunnel that had “fossils” in the walls and “animal footprints” in the concrete, turtles that shoot water out of their mouths, and a nice covered area with swings.   The surrounding grassy areas are beautiful.    Oh yes, and they have an adjacent bathroom.   Bathrooms are a must for me at parks, especially after 3 cups of coffee in the AM!   Definitely worth checking out…

25555 Alicia Parkway, Laguna Hills, 92653  


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    Michelle says:

    This park is the best! I has some unique, fun things for the little ones to play on. Luckily it is very close to my house. My daughter loves the squirting turtles!

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    charlotte maio says:

    “Extending your dino park experience.”
    The park is wonderful for young kids. To extend your kids fascination with dinosaurs into useful life skills (money + time management, investment, delayed gratification, etc.) , there is a writeup from USA Today, “Best new dino-themed iPad apps for kids”:

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