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My daughter and I take the Busy Bee gymnastics class for 20 – 30 month olds at Team OC in Costa Mesa and we LOVE it!  It is a 45 minute parent participation class, perfect for her age group.  The class is organized into  three 15 minute time frames.   The first 15 minutes start with circle time on the mat followed by fun tumbling obstacle courses.  The second 15 minutes are on the monkey bars and rings.  The last 15 minutes are on the trampolines.   They have a long trampoline runway that leads into a large pool of foam blocks.  It looked so fun I tried it once and jumped in with her!   However, getting out of that “pool”  is a lot harder than you would think!   It ends with a circle time song and stamps. 

The gym is absolutely gorgeous, a complete state-of-the-art facility.  You could almost see Shawn Johnson training there!    For older kids, they have a ton of programs, including summer camps.  Check out the  private birthday party rentals as well.   You can click here for the class schedules.   

385 Clinton Street * Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone: 714.444.1145


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