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I really love Orange County.  To get me to venture outside my Orange Bubble takes a lot.   But this place was worth the drive to LA!  One of my dearest girlfriends from college lives in LA, and we are lucky enough to have daughters 6 weeks apart, so we met them at Giggles N’Hugs for a play date and lunch.   We left at 10am on a Friday  from Costa Mesa and were there in just over 45 minutes.      

This restaurant is a kid’s wonderland!  There is a HUGE gated play area filled with everything you could imagine for little ones…cars, trains, dolls, stage with costumes, climbing toys, riding toys, tables and coloring items, girly kitchens and doll houses, and it goes on and on and on.    As a bonus, it is actually a REALLY good restaurant too!    You order at the counter, and we were served really quickly.  The food was healthy, delicious and kid-oriented.  If the kids want to dine and dash, you can finish your lunch and still see them from your table in the play area.  It is a great concept, and takes “family friendly”  to a new level!  I wish they had one in OC!  Hopefully it will be on it’s way down south soon.    In my opinion, totally worth the trip, especially if you live in North OC.   Of course, make sure to travel at non-traffic prone times.   Click here for hours and directions.


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    wifeandmom says:

    ADORABLE and will definitely venture out of the bubble for this (we often have trips to LA any way so I will make this our lunch stop). Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for sharing. Restaurants are like wonderland for <a href="">kids</a&gt;.

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