Maternity Basis: Where to Save & When to Splurge!

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I am so excited to introduce my first “Expert Advice” blog! I hope to do regular posts with advice from the experts in all areas related to mommyhood. Here are some great tips from Stephani Clymer, owner of Xpecting Maternity in Costa Mesa, she writes:

You are a stylish woman who is now a stylish mom-to-be and we know you are asking yourself what now? First, congratulations and second, get shopping with our expert tips below.

Tips to Remember

  • Look for classic pieces in your favorite colors that you can mix and match. For example, a great top that you can wear to work with black pants and out to dinner with jeans, or a dress that looks as stylish with flats as it does dressed up with heels.
  • Stick with the styles you love. Do not feel like you need to change the way you dress now that you are pregnant. If you never wear capri pants now is not the time to start. Plus, with all of the options available you can afford to be picky and spend on clothes you are excited to wear.
  • Remember you are pregnant NOT FAT, in fact just ban the “f” word from your vocabulary. Your body is guaranteed to grow so remember to shop for comfortable styles that will fit for at least 3 months.

Where to Save

  • Workout clothes. Good for you for staying active, but this is one area where you can make it work on a small budget. Non-maternity workout clothes stretch enough to get you through the first 3-5 months and as you grow out of those shop stores like Target and Old Navy, both offer maternity fashions on a budget.
  • Basic pants. Whether you work full time or are a stay at home mom you can buy 2-4 basic bottoms that are neutral and wear them many times. We like the moderately priced styles from brands like Olian with a price range of $50-$65. This leaves you money to purchase more tops to go with your basics.
  • On the subject of tops, splurge on a couple, but save on the basics. Brands like Michael Stars will last throughout your pregnancy and hold their shape after many washes. We know the $50 price tag might not feel like a save, but you will not have to get rid of these after just a few wears and they make a fabulous transitional piece.

When to Splurge

  • You are pregnant for 40 weeks. That is nearly 10 months with nothing that fits the way it used to, plus 8-16+ weeks post-pregnancy when you need time to get back into your old clothes. That said, splurge on your denim. You can find so many designers that have taken their best-selling non-maternity styles and created a maternity compliment. Take advantage and get 1-2 pairs. You will never regret it.
  • Think LBD for Little Black Dress, just do not limit it to black. While the old standby may be the best color, you can substitute any solid color that you can dress up for a wedding or holiday party with the right shoe and jewelry, but can also take you to work or out running errands in the day.
  • Your baby shower outfit. Your shower will likely come towards the end of your pregnancy when you are not feeling your best. Splurge on a dress or separates if you prefer, but just make sure you feel great, after all, you deserve it!
    • Nursing bras, we are talking a good fit with great support so do not skimp. Brands like Bravado, Bella Materna and Bela Bum Bum provide function for one of your most important jobs as a mother.


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