Who’s Your Suzy?

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I know many of us (if not most of us) have been touched by someone affected by breast cancer.  Self Magazine  wants to hear your personal story on who has inspired you to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer in the “Who’s Your Suzy?” essay contest going on this month. Click here to enter!  You just might end up winning a donation in their name to the Komen Foundation and a fabulous vacation.  I myself am incredibly inspired by Nancy, the sister of Susan Komen, who started the foundation as a promise to her dying sister to do what she could to fight this disease. Can you believe the difference ONE woman will a mission has accomplished?    

One of my very dear friends was just diagnosed with breast cancer this past month.  She is moving forward with a double mastectomy in a few weeks.   Fortunately they caught it early, which we all know is super important.    I just can’t  imagine how hard this time has been for her.  Through it all, she has been so strong and positive and has been an inspiration to me.   She now wants to dedicate herself to bringing awareness of the importance on getting an ultrasound or MRI in addition to a mammogram for women with dense (lumpy) breasts.   The MRI is what detected her cancer.  She stressed to me that if you have been told you have dense or lumpy breasts (of if you know from doing self-exams that you do), it is important to talk to your doctor about getting an ultrasound or MRI in addition to your regular mammograms.  Did anyone see Christina Applegate on Oprah recently talking about her battle with breast cancer?  She too is fighting to give woman more access to MRI’s and genetic testing.   Obviously, the most important thing is to talk to your doctor, and find out the screening options that are right for you.  Be proactive and an advocate for your own health!

So, let’s all do something for ourselves today in honor of all those amazing women that have been affected by breast cancer.  I know we have all heard about the importance of doing monthly self-exams, but do you know the correct way to do one?   I found this amazing instructional video on the Komen website.  I have to admit after watching it,  I really had no clue on the correct way to do a self-exam.  It is worth taking 10 minutes of your time today to watch this potentially life-saving video.          

One last thing!   I just learned about this organization and signed myself up and I want to spread the word!  The Army of Women is an organization with a goal to recruit one million women to sign up to be volunteers in research studies to identify what causes breast cancer so it can be STOPPED for good.   They need women of all sizes, shapes, ethnicities, ages, with or without kids, risk factor levels,  women with kids, without kids, with breast cancer and without,  basically, they need ALL women and they need YOU!   Signing up is easy, then they email with research opportunities in your area.  When emailed, there is no obligation to participate.  Click here to register

Please help spread the word!  Have a great day, everyone.  See you back tomorrow!


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