Creekside Park Dana Point

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Creekside Park in Dana Point is # 3 on the OC Family’s list of the Top 10 Playgrounds in the OC.  It is a beautiful park, with lots of great equipment.   Actually, I think this park has some of the nicest equipment I have seen recently at a local park.   There is plenty of parking, a clean restroom, and several different play areas.  For those little ones that are newly “pulling up” or barely walking there is a little sand box with multi-leveled little sand structures.   For me, the crawling / not yet walking phase, was a hard age to have at a park.   So, at least with this cute little area the pre-walkers can have fun in the sand too! Adjacent to the park is a beautiful greenbelt, perfect to take a walk and have a picnic at one of the shady picnic tables. 

Even with directions and an address, I drove right past it when first visiting.  Coming from the freeway,  when you pass over the river bed (canal), it is on the right hand side.  

25743 Stonehill Drive, Dana Point, CA


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  1. 1
    wifeandmom says:

    Thank you! Just when you think you know all the "good" parks … I think I will take my son here today!

  2. 2
    tara says:

    This park is fantastic!! We always bring a bike for my older son to ride around on. Sometimes we even walk the wash(walking/jogging path right behind the park) I push my younger son in the jogger while he rides hs bike! wears him out! : )

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