Dream Dinners’…Is a DREAM!

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I have always wanted to try Dream Dinners’  but I was a little hesitant because I thought it was super expensive.   But as I recently found out at my first Dream Dinners’ experience, that is not the case! 

It is a brilliant concept:  yummy menus, pre-cut ingredients, easy assembly, and take home dinners you can freeze until ready to cook.  For those that are cooking challenged like me, or those simply super busy moms, Dream Dinners’ is really a dream come true!   I am HOOKED.   It is SO fun and easy, and such a relief to have dinners prepped and ready to cook for those busy week nights (and the dinners are amazing!!)  Not to mention it’s a good excuse to have a night out with a girlfriend to chat and catch up!    

Here is how it works:

1. Visit the Dream Dinners’ Irvine website to check out the menu and choose your session time. They have minimum of 12 (3 serving) dinners or 6 (6 serving) dinners for each session (36 servings total, you can mix between 3 and 6 servings if you want.) 
2. You can click here to see the November menu and pay around with the quantities and servings so you can see the total price the session would cost. I did a couple of combos to test out the total and mine came to anywhere between $149 – $168.  I always thought it was way over $200+.
3. Once your menu is selected, you then reserve your session time.

When you show up for your session, they have a little drawer with your name on it so you can store your purse and grab an apron. There are several different assembly stations where you will prepare each of your menus. You grab Ziploc baggies and then head to your first station. At the station, there are super easy (dummy proof – yes, I am the dummy that tested it), instructions on how to prepare your meal. All the ingredients are prepped and cut, so all you have to do is measure and put the ingredients together. They have pre-printed cooking instruction labels at the station, so once you are done assembling, you put the label on the bag, stash in the big fridge and then move onto the next station.

Some fun things to note!

They do fundraisers, catering, do-it-yourself catering, and have a concierge service, where for $2.50 per meal, they will assemble the dinners for you and you just pick it up. They also offer “Sneak Peek” parties where you can arrage to have a group of friends come and assemble dinners together. You can bring your own wine and have a little vino while preparing and chatting with your friends!  Contact Asea at asea.tremp@dreamdinnersirvine.com for more details on this.   They also provide appetizers and soft drinks for each session.    

Wouldn’t this be an awesome thing to do with a group of friends when a fellow mommy friend is about to have a baby?  You could all come together, do your own dinners, and contribute one dinner each to a new mom for that “just home from the hospital” time. 

Mention Tiny Oranges when signing up and receive a FREE side dish to accompany your dinner!

HOORAY! It’s a Tiny Giveaway!

DreamDinners’ Irvine is giving away a Sneak Peek party of up to 12 people at the Irvine location! This means you can invite up to 12 friends to come to the party, they will provide appetizers and sodas (you can provide the wine if you wish)  and each friend can assemble their own free dinner! What a fun way to spend a girls’ night out, and get some healthy dinners prepped for your family at the same time!

To enter, send me an email with DREAM DINNERS’ in the subject line (one entry per person please!) Include your first name, last initial, and the answer to this question: Which dinner on the November menu looks extra yummy to you? Click here to see the menu. You can enter all week, just have your emails in by Friday, Nov. 14th by 5PM PST. 


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