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I am going to make a confession.  My consumption of plastic water bottles was RIDICULOUS. We do recycle, but I looked at the bottles in the recycle bin one day and thought, this has to stop.  I went out the next day and bought a reusable Thermos Intak water bottle and I LOVE it!     

Let me highlight the things I love:

– No bad plastic or aluminum taste (it is BPA Free.)  I even use water filtered from our fridge and it tastes really good.  Plus, so much cheaper than buying bottled water. 
– Easy to clean.   There is a removable top with a wide mouth so you can clean it easily.  It is also dishwasher safe. 
– No spills.  The top closes and seals, and then there is a metal piece to lock it so if you throw it into your purse, it won’t leak.
– Measured markers on the side, so you can track your water consumption.

I bought mine for $9.99 at Target in the aisle where there are Thermos’ and coolers, kind of by the camping section.  Click here to buy online at Target or through the Thermos website.    

See you back Monday with another fabulous giveaway!  If you haven’t entered the Dream Dinners’ giveaway, you have until 5PM today PST to email me!   Check Monday’s post on entry instructions! Have a great weekend everyone! 


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    Michelle M says:

    This is a great recommendation! I had just decided to start a hunt for a good dishwasher-safe water bottle myself…you just saved me some valuable time! Thanks!

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