One Chance, Then Put ‘Em On The SPOT!

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I was talking with my girlfriend the other day about our toddlers, undesirable behaviors, and time outs, and she expressed to me that she didn’t have a good spot in their home for a time out.  The following week I was introduced to Time Out Spots, and thought, “wow, this is PERFECT!”  What a great idea!  

Time Out Spots was created by Heather, a teacher turned mom, who got tired of time outs turning into a game.  The stool her son would sit on for time outs would get flipped over, moved around, and it was the last straw when he got up, held the stool to his bottom and announced, “I’m still in time out, my bootie is on the stool.”    I got a good laugh out of that one (but I’m sure mom wasn’t laughing!)   I love that Heather took that frustration and got her very own Time Out Spots manufactured and turned it into a company with a celebrity following!   

They come in cute colors and even outdoor styles.  Buy online or click here for a list of California retail locations.  Be sure to also check out their  “Mommy Needs a Time Out” and “Daddy Needs a Time Out” tees!   Hilarious.    We have to keep our sense of humor in this adventure called parenthood, don’t we?!  

Hooray!  It’s a Tiny Giveaway!   Time Out Spots is giving away one Time Out Spot AND one Mommy Needs a Time Out t-shirt of your choice to one lucky winner!   To enter, send an email to with Time Out in the subject line and include your first name, last initial, and the answer to this question:  How much does a Time Out Spot cost??   Hint: They are super reasonable, click here to find out!    Emails must be in by 5pm on Friday, 11/21 PST.   Good luck! 



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