A Pair and a Spare

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One of the first gifts I received when I announced my pregnancy was a little brown blankie with a teddy bear head from my Aunt and Uncle.   She said the woman at the children’s boutique raved about all the kids loving these little animal blankies.  

My daughter attached to it very early on, so much so that by about 1 year, I was worried about losing the lovey because she was so attached.    So, we got another one as a back-up, but she took one sniff and rejected it totally.  There was no fooling her! So, I decided to keep them together for awhile so the “lovey smell” would rub off on what we called imposter lovey.   Next thing I knew, she had attached to BOTH lovies, so now I had to worry about losing TWO!   🙂  

Angel Dear makes these darling little lovies, and I had to laugh when recently I saw them on the Nordstrom’s website in a box of THREE labeled “A Pair and a Spare.”   That would have worked perfectly for our situation! 

Today at 2 1/2 she is very attached to her little buddies, affectionately named “Lovey” and “Other Lovey.”   She calls the imposter lovey “Other Lovey” so there is no doubt who was the original!  Is there anything cuter than a little one’s security items?   The Loveys now attend “birthday parties” in our living room, she tries to dress them, and the wording on the little silk tag is totally rubbed off from all her snuggles.     

Here are some cute sites I found that sell them:  Two Blue Peas, Little Dudes and Divas, and Top Toggery and the Stylish Child.    I love giving these as gifts.      


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