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Klassy Kiddos was created by a stylish mom who loved making bright, fun burp cloths, bibs and blankies for all her friends having babies.   As her cute gifts grew in popularity and demand,  she decided to turn her passion into a company and Klassy Kiddos was born!   Best part about her products is you can customize and pick your favorite out of her darling fabrics.   I love her shopping cart covers.  To me, these are an absolute essential, especially in cold/flu season, and I love having one in a darling fabric.   Her Bjorn covers are also totally unique, and make for a fabulous gift.   They cover the Bjorn, so babies can drool in style, and then you can throw them in the wash so you don’t have to clean a crusty Bjorn!  And, I know you know what I am talking about!   The backside of the cover is in that super soft Minky fabric, so the baby’s little face is leaning on a cozy little chin rest.   

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I love that the whole purpose is to get together with loved ones, be thankful and eat a lot of food!   Doesn’t get much better than that!    I will see you back on Monday for another fabulous giveaway and new post.   


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    mm says:

    I love Klassy Kiddos!! Such cute ideas and fabric!! My girls love their minky blankets.

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