Easy Way to Display All Your Photo Cards!

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I have already professed my love for receiving holiday photo cards, and I became frustrated a few years back when they would end up in a basket where I couldn’t enjoy them all season!  I tried those photo trees, but they never worked well, the cards would end up falling off and not all would get prime viewing!  

So, I started doing this display, and I love it because I can see all my photo cards and enjoy them all season!   Nothing makes me happier during Christmas than to look at all the faces of our friends and family.  It makes me realize just how lucky I am so have so many wonderful people in our lives!   This project is EASY! 

Supplies needed:

– Garland
– Push pins
– Mini push pins (I bought holiday themed ones at Michael’s)

You will pin the garland up and around a door frame so it frames the door.   Then, as you receive your cards, you can pin them to the branches of the garland as shown above.  You can also tie on bows or decorative holly onto the garland to make it even more festive.  

(Photo card shown from Huff Studios


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  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    Great idea! I laugh every time I put a card on my Pottery Barn photo tree, five fall off!

  2. 2
    Jessica says:

    It’s funny to read this now – we just did something similar at our house the other day! Our "garland" is a wide, colorful ribbon twisted with a beaded string that has little plastic muscial instruments on it. I need some mini-clothespins, but for now I’m just using paperclips.

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