Adventures in Breastfeeding: Part 1

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Michelle Barto is a Certified Lacatation Educator, founder of La Dolce Mama online breastfeeding boutique, and proud breastfeeding mama.  In our new series, Adventures in Breastfeeding, Michelle is going to be writing about issues related to breastfeeding and offer tips to help. Feel free to post comments below if you have also found things to help related to these issues.  Here is what she writes:

“Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing to do for your child.  Aside from the tremendous health benefits and cost savings, the bond you will develop with your infant is irreplaceable.   That said, breastfeeding can be tough! Below are five common breastfeeding issues and how to fix them:

1. Painful – Until you get the hang of it, breastfeeding has to be painful, right?  Well, yes and no.  While it may be a bit painful for the first few weeks as your nipples adjust to being used 8 – 12 times a day, the most important way to make sure that your breastfeeding experience is as painless as possible is to put the baby in a good position and get a good latch.  One fantastic product that can help is the My Brest Friend nursing pillow.  It has a clasp, so unlike the Boppy, the pillow doesn’t move and the baby stays right where you put him.  It also has a pocket, which can be great for the remote, your cell phone, lanolin cream, or the bottle of water you will be carrying everywhere.  Hang in there – the first couple weeks are the hardest!

2. Lack of Support – We’ve all heard it before.  “I wasn’t breastfed and I turned out all right.”  Or from your mother-in-law, “I didn’t breastfeed my son and there’s nothing wrong with him.”  Despite the medical evidence, some people just aren’t supportive of breastfeeding.  So, what do you do if everyone you know is not cheering you on?  Get support from (hopefully) your spouse and from other breastfeeding women.  Studies show that women who have female support are far more likely to continue breastfeeding.  One great resource is La Leche League, but if they’re not a good fit for your parenting style, check out the tons of breastfeeding blogs out there. 

3. Breastfeeding in Public – Although it is becoming more common and socially acceptable, breastfeeding in public can still feel awkward to some.  There are many attractive nursing covers on the market, but my favorite are the ones from Bebe Au Lait.  They have many gorgeous patterns, but even better, are big enough and easy to put on and take off.

4. Medicines, Alcohol, Spicy Foods – The basic rule of thumb is if you can take it while pregnant, you can likely take it while breastfeeding. is an incredibly well-researched resource for medicines that can be taken, as well as for maternal nutrition and breastfeeding information.  If alcohol is your concern, check out the Milkscreen breast milk test strips.  With a couple drops of breast milk and two minutes, you will know whether or not your milk is safe for baby, or whether you should use stored breast milk for your child’s next feeding.

5. Returning to Work – You are with your child 24/7 for the first couple weeks of life.  That means that pumping and bottles aren’t necessary.   When you return to work, however, how do you manage to keep your career on track and still provide your baby with his sole food source?  My favorite breast pump is the Medela Pump In Style Advanced.  The Medela Freestyle Breastpump is also awesome, although a bit pricey.  Check out the Medela website for products and comparisons.”   


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