Gift Idea: Only in Dreams!

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My darling babysitter just got this book for Emma for Christmas and we are already in love with it!  I loved it so much I had to do a post right away because it would make for a great holiday present!   She got ours at Nordstroms, I went online and couldn’t find it, but it is for sure at the Nordstroms at South Coast.  I found it online at Chronicle Books.  

It is the cutest bedtime story following Paul Frank’s Julius the Monkey and his adventures only in his dreams.  From swimming down a river of strawberry milk next to a cupcake village, to performing a rock concert in space, this book with delight boys and girls alike.  

If you are still looking for a few gifts for kids – definitely pick up this book.   And, as a parent, don’t you love it when your kids receive books?  They to me, are truly the most valuable, treasured gifts of all!  


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