Yet Another Gift Idea!

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Yet another gift idea inspired by one we have just received! Kid Hip makes personalized CD’s with songs with your child’s name in them. You should have seen my daughter’s face the first time she listened to it.   She got such a kick out of it!  Now she is asking for her “Emma Songs” all the time, and she laughs and dances around.

My mom got ours at Bears, Buddies and Toys in Huntington Beach.  That place is a whole other post on it’s own! It’s AMAZING!  Clothes, toys, birthday parties, even a newborn nursery of dolls!  Too much to even expand on here, so I will for sure do another post.

You can also buy online through the Kid Hip website.   Available names ship (free) within 24 hours.   You can also have them do a custom name if yours is not on the list, those just take a little longer.   


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