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I am posting this again because you still have 2 days to enter this amazing giveaway! If you thought of someone when you read this, don’t hesitate!  Click on Sandy’s email below and write her about the special people you know!   You have nothing to lose, and you both might end up with professional pictures you will treasure for a lifetime!  

Here are the details again:

You know someone. You know someone who’s experienced a tragedy, is struggling to stay afloat, is raising kids while holding down more than one job, or is volunteering selflessly despite extenuating personal circumstances. You know someone who can’t afford custom photography, but who would cherish it this holiday season. You know someone who deserves a year-round reminder of their family’s spirit, love and beauty.

You know someone, I guarantee it.

I want to know who they are, and I want to give them the chance to experience complimentary custom photography – $1,500 to be exact. They will receive a photo session, a DVD of all the images from the session and a 11 x 14 print.

Oh, and the best part? The person who nominates the winner receives a complimentary photo session and an 8 x 10 print. What better reason to show some love could there possibly be, people??

The rules:

* You cannot nominate yourself, and the person nominated must sincerely be incapable of purchasing my services. (Being unable to make mortgage payments for a two-million-dollar-vacation-home in Paris does not qualify as sincere financial need.)

* The nominee must be located in Orange County, CA and be available to do the photo shoot between January 15th – March 31st, 2009. Tell me who you know, what they’re experiencing, and why they deserve my artwork. Please include a way to contact both your nominee and yourself as well.

* You must email me the full story to

The winner will be chosen on January 1st! I can’t wait to read all of your entries!

Open your heart to someone this holiday season — and thanks for giving me the opportunity to open mine.

With love,

Sandy Heit

Sandy Heit specializes in contemporary portraiture of babies, children and families.


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    colleen says:

    what a great oportunity.

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