Happy New Year!

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On this New Year’s Eve, I want to wish all my wonderful Tiny Oranges readers a very happy new year filled with love, joy, prosperity, health and happiness! 

What a year it has been!   I for one am actually feeling quite optimistic about 2009 and am very happy to bid good-bye to 2008 with a glass of sparkling cider and look forward to turning the page on a new year.    

I stopped doing new year’s resolutions awhile ago, because with each one that was not accomplished, I end up feeling like a big loser.  However, I think I should revisit them this year, and if all else fails, I can revert back to # 2 below, and at least forgive myself for anything(s) not accomplished!   

This year I actually would like to accomplish the following personal goals:
1. Make the transition to becoming a mother of two while keeping my sanity and sense of humor   
2. Be more forgiving of myself
3. Be more present in the little moments with my daughter (and new baby) throughout the day
4. Devote a little time each day to work on doing my daughter’s digital photo albums so by the time # 2 arrives, I will be caught up and not feel so guilty about how far behind I am!!!

There, I said it, it’s out there now.   Anyone else want to share resolutions?  Post a comment here…you can be anonymous!  

I wish you all a wonderful celebration tonight!   Be safe and have fun…see you back on Friday for another post!  


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