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With this pregnancy, I knew one thing would be different.  I was not going to fight the transition into maternity clothes and waste one day being remotely uncomfortable.  So, the moment I started squishing myself into my regular jeans, I went out and splurged and bought one pair of Mama J maternity jeans by J Brand, and they are the best thing to happen to my pregnancy wardrobe.   Luckily since I do not have to go into an office or see the same people, I can pull off wearing these jeans every day or every other day!  And, they can go both ways, casual OR dressy.  

I had a designer pair of denim with my first pregnancy, but I did not like them one bit.  They had that big piece of fabric and tight elastic band that went high up around my waist.  They were super uncomfortable, and I was bummed I spent the money on them.   I ended up looking like a stuffed sausage, because the elastic band would bunch in around my waist (up high) and you could even see it through form fitting shirts.  Not cute.

These jeans are totally different.  There is no fabric around your middle. The waist is low cut (falls below your belly), but the back is cut higher so there are no plumber moments.   The maternity elastic fabric is stitched into both sides right above the pockets.   They are made of close to 100% lyrca, so there is a ton of stretch, you almost feel like you are wearing sweats.  Plus, the way they are cut, I think I am going to be able to wear these throughout unlike my former pair, which I quickly outgrew the day my belly couldn’t stay in that elastic fabric anymore!  

I got mine at Xpecting Maternity in Costa Mesa.  They are having a huge anniversary sale starting today, where tons of stuff in the store is 40% off.   Unfortunately, not these awesome jeans, but let me tell you, they are worth every penny.   If you are pregnant, you must check out this store!  

Have a great weekend everyone!  See you back on Monday!


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    suzanne says:

    I just got a pair that was on the 40% rack and LOVE them! They are dark wash Rock and Republic and have the waist adjustment elastic band on both sides. I’m wearing them now and I think they will last me pretty far into pregnancy! I wish we could wear elastic waist jeans ALL them time! 🙂

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