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The HAPPYBABY mission is to make baby food as healthy and delicious as homemade with the essential ingredients for growth and development. Their meals are fresh frozen, therefore preserving all the nutrients with no preservatives, and all are 100% organic and allergen friendly (no nuts, soy, dairy, sugar or wheat.) And, with names like “Yes Peas + Thank You Carrots” how can you can resist???

HAPPYBABY sells purees for the little ones 6+ months graduating up to more hearty meals for the 9+ months crowd. They also offer a variety of organic dry cereals with probiotics and DHA, along with organic finger food puffs.

You can find HAPPYBABY products at local stores like Super Target, Babies R Us, Whole Foods, Albertson’s and Sprouts, and online at Amazon.com. Just don’t forget that the purees are going to be found in the frozen section!  Click here to put in your zip and find a store near you that sells their products.

You can CLICK HERE to download a coupon for HAPPYBABY products just for Tiny Oranges readers.  

Hooray! It’s a Tiny Giveaway! HAPPYBABY is giving away coupon sets for 2 lucky winners! The winners will receive:

*  2 FREE trial coupons for HAPPYBELLIES – fresh frozen organic fruits, vegetables, grains and meats offer interesting combinations like black bean/quinoa/ and spinach/mango/pear.
*  2 FREE trial coupons for HAPPYBABY – is the only baby cereal that is organic with probiotic protection and DHA
*  2 FREE trial coupons for HAPPYBITES – are frozen organic finger foods for toddlers/kids with hidden veggies and nutrition dipping sauces, high in protein and fiber

(equals a case of food = approx $25!)

*  A special Nutrition Guide written by Dr. Bob Sears, MD and Amy Marlow, MPH RD CDN
*  FAQ about the products

To enter, send me an email to giveaways@tinyoranges.com and answer this question:  Which item on the menu do you think your little one would love to try?  Click here for the menu options!   One email per person, please have your entries in before 5PM PST on Friday, January 23rd.   Good luck!   


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