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The Letter Factory by Leap Frog DVD came highly recommended to me by a friend, so we picked one up and now I can see why!   It is a cute little educational video that is all about the alphabet and phonics.  It takes kids on a journey through The Letter Factory and introduces kids to capital and lower case letters and the sound that each letter makes.   The little songs are so catchy, I find myself singing them too!   I found ours on this website, Deep Discount, it was only $8.24 with free shipping.    After a few times, Emma was singing along and making the letter sounds.  It’s nice to find a  DVD you will feel good about turning on for your kids!  


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    Nana says:

    This DVD is a keeper! After watching it a few times, my granddaughter was walking around saying the sounds. As a former teacher, I’m amazed that she’s learning sounds as a toddler.

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    Tina D says:

    After reading your blog about this DVD, I quickly ordered one. It was the best purchase. My daugther learned ALL her ABC’s in two weeks or so, and she know the sound. I highly recommend this DVD! Thanks for posting this!

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