Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads

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Do you have one of those beauty products that is one of your staple purchases at the drugstore?  Cutex One Step Nail Polish Remover Pads is one of my absolute favorite products.   With one pad that comes in a little self-contained packet (great for traveling), you can remove all the polish on all 10 nails, EVEN the toughest to remove red polish!   It takes the mess out of continually dipping back into the bottle of remover and using a gazillion cotton balls.  It just is one of those simple, silly things that makes life easier.  

Happy Friday everyone!   You still have until 5pm PST to enter the Monkey Baby Valentine Tutu giveaway!   Check Monday’s post for instructions!  Have a fabulous weekend!  


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  1. 1
    Elise says:

    check out the ingredients here before you use! Just type in the brand name and see if you are comfortable with the risk level.

  2. 2
    mom2three says:

    I love the quick, cheap beauty tips. I’m picking some up at the next Tar-jay run for sure!

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