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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend!  I am happy to announce another fabulous giveaway from YakAcademy! See below for details.  YakAcademy offers play-based foreign language immersion classes for children ages 1-10. 

Here is one very happy mom’s experience with YakAcademy…

” A few months ago I moved away from Los Angeles. I have two young boys ages 3 ½ and 19 months. When we lived up in LA, I enrolled my oldest son in Spanish immersion classes at a center called YakAcademy (formerly EarlyBirds Learning) when he was just 22 months old. After just a few months he was able to speak and understand basic Spanish! These classes are truly amazing.

I observed firsthand how quick toddlers were able to pick up the Spanish, in our case, start understanding basic words and speak in Spanish. Some of them learned how to count in Spanish before they even began to count in English. I’ve also been able to observe how these young babies/toddlers transitioned into Spanish speaking boys and girls (under 3 years old). In the older classes (over age 3) the kids are without their parents, yet they are able to follow all the instructions as well as all the rules. The best thing about the program is that they make learning SO SO SO FUN for the kids. It truly fosters what all parents hope to instill in their kids, a love for learning. It’s just amazing!

Whether your child is 1 or 5 when s/he begins these courses, it may not appear in the initial weeks that they can understand or speak any new words but after a couple of weeks, sometimes after one, you start witnessing an amazing transformation in their ability to understand a foreign language, let alone speak.

As for my son, he took his last class with wonderful Miss Blanca just before we left LA and let me just tell you, it was the absence of those Spanish classes here that made our transition to our new home a little challenging. We were really sad. To be honest, in the initial weeks after the move, I was feeling like my son was going to be deprived without those classes…up until a couple months ago when I received an email from the YakAcademy home office informing me that they were moving into Orange County & San Diego with one of the centers being around the corner from my new home!!”

YakAcademy now has 3 centers here in Southern California, with the OC location at Alicia Parkway and Via Fabricante, just about 1 mile East of I-5. They offer free trials with advance notice, so just give them a call at (949) 598-0300 or visit them at www.yakacademy.com.

Hooray! It’s a Tiny Giveaway!  YakAcademy is giving away a package of 4 free classes! To enter, send me an email to giveaways@tinyoranges.com and tell me, which class would you be interested in signing up for? Click here to see the fun options! You can enter all week, just have your emails in before 5pm PST on Friday, March 6th.  Good luck! Or, rather, “buena suerte!” 


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